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I woke up today being guided to post about noticing, flowing with & enjoying all the signs Spirit sends us.  This is fun stuff, y'all!  5 Minute Read...

First off... when I say "Spirit," that is my reference for ALL the "unseen" Pure Love & Pure Light Help available to me / us.  I don't discriminate as to what level, form or culture it originates from, personally, knowing it can come from God, Buddha, Great Spirit, an Animal Spirit / "Personal Power Animal," one of my passed over beloved animals / people / Ancestors, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, ArchAngels, Saints & so very much more!  You can make your own choices yet for me, if it's from PURE LOVE & PURE LIGHT I'm all in! (Tip 1: That's important, y'all, & deserved emphasis... don't think you deserve anything less & don't kid yourself into thinking that purposely delving into the darker side of things for entertainment is "fun"... it's not... it is what it is... dark, lower vibrational & therefore highly undesirable in my unintended experience early on!)  Tip 2:  I've learned to TAKE THE LIGHT HELP OFFERED!  DON'T TURN DOWN PURE LIGHT HELP! ;-))  It sounds simple, but MANY of us tend to stave off appropriate help, to some degree, until we "get it!"  That's a big tip, y'all, so consider taking it & don't let the opportunities for Loving Help pass you by!!  I learned some of this the harder way so I could pass along the idea that making things harder for yourself for no good reason doesn't elevate your life in any good way that I'm aware of so far, it justs makes things "harder & heavier!"  Oh my!!  Life can be tough enough, right?!!  Tip 3:  Doing things unnecessarily harder has a tendency to continue drawing in more of the "harder & heavier" life stuff.  So, also keep in mind that EVERYTHING is ENERGY... ENERGY is MAGNETIC & THEREFORE TENDS to DRAW BACK IN MORE of THE SAME type things, dynamics, emotions, situations, people, etc.  Got the basics, for now?!!  Ok!

So... Signs, Helpful Signs from Spirit!:  They can come in soooo many forms.... as many forms as it takes for us to notice quickly, succinctly, consciously so we can avail ourselves of the help.  I often have feather messages.  It can be a particular color (pure white for Peace, "Be at Peace with What's Happening Now,") from a particular type bird that'll have special meaning for me (Turkey Buzzard for good cleaning up of "The Old" or Dove for things pertaining to Love or Roadrunner for "getting on with things, movement happening, mental acuity," etc.)  Seeing particular animals at a particular moment has big meaning for me, also.  This idea might frighten some, but I also get taps & bangs around the house when my attention is needed for a message Spirit wants me to pay conscious attention to immediately.  Sometimes I "see" or "sense" things.... as in 2 nights ago, while at the barn after dark, I "just happened" to look at a particular spot on the edge of the grass & caught a split second glance of something sitting there, which I immediately sensed as my beloved, recently passed over, barn cat Thomas.  (He clearly told me he would watch over me for the rest of my life before he passed on & quickly made himself known around me.... Ah, so love & appreciate it!)  I knew he wanted me to KNOW HE WAS WATCHING OVER ME.  (He's here & just had me put that in all caps!)  Sometimes a particular word, phrase, image, idea from a tv commercial or billboard will jump out with an inherent message for me.  I also sense things in the wind (yep... possibly meaning "something stirring" I may not know about just yet,) with butterflies (Beautiful Transformation?) and shooting stars / meteors...  I recently saw one briefly morph into a brilliant Angel Shape with Wings (really!) while simultaneously hearing the message, "We've got your back!" Part of the point is, you can LEARN to KNOW these things CAN happen FOR YOU anywhere, anytime, in any way to help you in small, big, funny or even life-changing ways & the patterns of HOW it tends to work for YOU.  Once we "tune in" to these things & understand / believe that it's "real..." life can take on such a Wow Wonderful, Oh My Incredible, Supportive, FLOWING, SYNCHRONISTIC quality that can truly be MAGICAL in my experience.  Oftentimes I FEEL DIVINE, LOVING SUPPORT so clearly in those moments.... who wouldn't want that or more of that in the conscious, waking state of life?!!  I'm all about availing myself of EVERYTHING of Divine Pure Love & Pure Light that wants to help me, shower goodness down upon me, support me in / around / through "whatever."  And, remember again... Energy is Everything, Everything is Energy, Energy is Magnetic & tends to draw in MORE of whatever you are dwelling within & upon the most.

While I've typed this, I have literally seen 4 different "swoops" of light around me (in a well-lit room... that's Spirit presence y'all!) heard 2 different bangs & literally saw one other thing that can only be described as a sudden "rush of energy forward" along with a personal message for me.  I think Spirit is Happy to get these messages out!  They want y'all to (this is a message channeled directly from them) "start looking for the signs... letting them be there for you, noticed, productive & to help securely connect you to your very own Spirit Help & the other Pure Light Spirit Help that wants to connect with & help you!  Remember to intend to be of, with, promoting, wanting, receiving of Pure Light & you'll be safe!!  If you need a little extra boost, then surround yourself with protective, transmuting, cleansing, High Vibrational Violet Energies swirling about yourself & your life!"  Lastly, this is a "let it happen, watch, be open, be willing to be aware" thing, not an "I want to force it or make it what I think it should be" thing.  Be willing to be fully in TRUTH, too.... as it is ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND, whether we like it in the moment or not ;-)  Consider, it might be so much more fun to flow with how Spirit lays things out & beneficial to learn from that.  Plus, sometimes it's pretty comical in an elevated way, or so mind-blowingly perfect or intricate, I personally think it's worth taking the ride, y'all!

I hope you enjoy this & it helps you somehow!  Feel free to refer back as needed!!  ~SA~

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Many thanks, Dianne!!! You have been a joy to work with, are greatly appreciated & I am so glad we found each other... Big Hugs! ~SA~
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Thanks so much, Dianne!! It was my complete pleasure to connect with you & beloved doggie companion. Truly! Big Thanks for helping others (& my shop) with your candid & thorough review. Hugs ~SA~
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"... you are a MIRACLE WORKER!!! ... I am SOOOO Grateful!!!!!!! Honestly— it is like a Miracle— really a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE that we needed to have— so desperately. The WHOLE house feels happier— we are able to BREATHE again. Thank you, dear friend." ~ Private Client, 12/31/18 ~