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July 4, 2017

I've become enamored with Sumatra Blues!  Sumatra Blue Amber is available yet considered somewhat rare & prized, displaying intriguing blue fluorescence/sheen under the right lighting conditions.  Being found in expected amber colors + reddish hues, olive green & blue...Sumatra Amber, in general, is viewed as special.  Formerly, naturally blue amber had only been found in the Dominican Republic + Chiapas, Mexico in small amounts.  Regular mining of Amber in Sumatra has not occurred until more recently & may remain unpredictable.

Polished & Special Myrrh Oil Anointed Sumatra Blue Amber @ SueAnnTexas.comBeing fossilized resin containing Ancient Tree / Earth Energies, Amber tends to be stabilizing & grounding, have protective & wisdom energies with healing & soothing energies to boot.  I also think beginning as one thing (resin of a living tree) that is "reincarnated" into a new form lends all types of amber an energy conducive to "looking back at prior states of being" & "the building blocks" of ongoing situations, including old family histories/dynamics & past lives.  I think this Amber is special & would offer additional healing vibes for this process.

Intuitively I've been shown they work with: connection & free energetic flow between the Solar Plexus, Throat & Crown Chakras > connecting your Self Identity / Free Will / Personal Empowerment to Clearer "Healing" Communications (with yourself & others) to High Vibe Spirituality / Personal Spirit Guidance.  Whew & good!!  These pieces ended up here via Serendipitous Spirit Orchestration.  My main crystal supplier purchased a limited amount of Sumatra Blue in 2015, then "accidentally" stowed it away.  Only recently (Spring of 2017) was it re-discovered & mentioned to me.  "We didn't know we had this...Let's see what Sue Ann does with it."  They tend to throw things at me like a curious experiment, just to see what happens!  These enhanced pieces have become an absolute staple for me personally.  I now meditate with a Sumatra Blue Amber & Brandberg Amethyst in each hand.  These Amber pieces then go into my pillow case each night & are always in my pockets :D  

I buy raw pieces then release & enhance their energies greatly.  Spirit flashed me messages about polishing these special guys myself Intuitively then rubbing with a unique myrrh oil.  This immediately takes their energies to a much higher level. Raw Sumatra Blue AmberThey really "dance alive" energetically & visually when completed!  Here's the Intuitive information about their energies once enhanced via this process:  "Soothing to the Nth Degree" "Stabilizing & Grounding" "Spiritually Enlightening" "Deeply Healing & Calming" "Wisdom Rooted in Reality" (that's a good one!) "Absorbs Negativity to Send It Away" "Shielding & Protecting" "Protective Halo of Golden Energies Overhead (for specifically Protecting, Enhancing Intuition & Thought Processes)"...How cool is that?!!  No wonder I feel better each time I connect with one.  I also feel an overall positive "Ancient" vibe to them.  Spirit Help unequivocally lead me to offer these Energetically Elevated & Unique pieces to clients.  Enjoy! ~SA~  

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