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July 4, 2017 ☆ Updated May 7, 2021
I am enamored with Sumatra Blues!  Uniquely found on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, this Amber is available yet considered somewhat rare & prized as it displays intriguing blueish sheen under the right lighting conditions.  Sumatra comes in an array of the more expected colors of Amber plus reddish hues, olive green (reportedly, haven't seen that yet) & one of the darker varieties exhibiting blue sheen.  Formerly, natural blue hued ambers had only been found in the Dominican Republic with small amounts found within the Chiapas Mexican Amber (a fabulous teal color, in my experience so far.)  Regular mining of Amber in Sumatra only occurred in more recent years & there are indications the situation could be unpredictable.
A Beloved Sumatra Blue Amber Piece!
These pieces can become stunning with minimal hand polishing & a little bit of special oil (from my secret stash!)
Most Ambers, including Baltic, are heat treated before selling, not natural!!
A Gorgeous Piece I Loved & Sold
As with many things, Spirit made sure I knew about Sumatra Blue Amber, at a uniquely important point..... My 1st crystal supplier graciously worked with me & my Intuitive way of operating.  They began taking a curiosity to just "throwing" things at me with a "Ok, lets back up now & see what she does with this!!"  Once, my contact mentioned something that they had found stashed away, totally forgotten about for 2 years & what did I think about it, would I want some of this very limited inventory? .....That was my introduction to Sumatra Blue Amber & the beginning of my "Love Affair" with it!  I immediately took to it, realized its importance for me, as well as my clients, purchased individual pieces Intuitively & sold 'em to very lucky people..... plus highly benefitted myself immediately.  Spirit quickly lead me to specifically pair Sumatra Blue Amber with Smokey Amethyst Brandberg Crystals..... a truly Divine & Meant to Be Energetic Pairing..... Extra Healing, Soothing, Elevating & more, in my opinion!!  This Amber has ended up being one of my own Crystal staples with adored pieces shared in The Shoppe for y'all to Benefit from, as well!!
As Soon As the Right Person Came Along,
This Piece Revealed a Lioness Image & Energy!!
Sumatra Blue feels more "Deeply Healing & Spiritual," "Stabilizing & Grounding" with "An Ancient Wisdom" vibe to me, which is part of why I think they groove so well with & amp up Brandbergs..... while Regular Sumatra feels more "Sunny!" "Optimistic!" & "Helpful with Joy Seeking....."  Both are Soothing, Healing & Uplifting, yet have some differences in my experience.  I also find Sumatra Blues not uncommonly to be connected with Personal Spiritual Guidance somehow & to effect an overall Higher Vibe Sense of Spirituality & Connection.  Oftentimes, they will also help connect your Solar Plexus, Throat & Crown Chakras very synergistically..... Great for developing & knowing your most Authentic Self & Full Empowerment!  Love!!  This may additionally effect "Healing Communications" with yourself, thoughts & Intuition bubbling up, to MUCH better help yourself with deep healing of all sorts & directions to take to improve your Life Path..... albeit in a possibly very quiet, naturally flowing ways you may not quite notice at first ;-))
Generally regarding Amber, all varieties are fully fossilized tree resin & do not have any Crystalline Structure to them, hence their typically lighter weight per size.  (Most of us Crystal folks include it as part of the "Crystal World" though it's technically not a Crystal.)   Copal from around the world, is not as old nor fully fossilized, so technically not Amber, but an evolving version of it, so to speak.  I think beginning as one thing (resin of a living tree) that is "reincarnated" into a new form & purpose lends all types of Amber conducive to "looking back at prior states of being" & "the building blocks" of ongoing situations..... including old family histories, personal dynamics & even past lives, to heal what should be healed..... How does "what was then" tie to "the now & needed Healing?"   I personally wear Amber pendant(s) nearly daily, Sumatra Blue & Chiapas.  In my experience, higher vibe varieties of Amber have wonderful Ancient Tree & Earth Energies, tend to be Stabilizing, Grounding, Protective, Soothing & Healing with a Sprinkle of "Wise Old Sage" Vibes!
A Beautiful Raw, Unpolished Piece of Sumatra Blue

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