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Thin Veil Time & More! Enjoy Spiritual & Loving Magic Now

Thin Veil Time & More! Enjoy Spiritual & Loving Magic Now - SueAnnTexas.Com & The Shoppe
Last Updated 10/31/2023
Originally Posted October 2019

We are in Thin Veil Time, meaning it's considered (& experienced by many) to be easier to connect with Ancestors, Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angelics plus all of our Spirit Help on the other side of "The Veil between us."  I personally find this time to be Spiritual, Magical, Loving & Supportive.

Even if you're highly attuned, it still tends to be a time for more clear & more prolific Spirit Connection.  Dusk & Dawn are also considered Thin Veil Times, but not usually as profoundly as this time of year.  For me, Thin Veil connection starts as early as mid-September (or even August some years) & continues into varying points of November (often as late as around Thanksgiving.)

If interested, try tuning in at Dusk & Dawn during this time to see if it helps optimize things for you.  If you can be outside in a peaceful setting in which you won't be interrupted & can visually enjoy nature & the sky, even better!  However my approach with most things, in general, is to do the best I can all considered.  So, even if it's sitting quietly inside, eyes closed with intention for a few minutes, then intention has been set & a choice to tune in Spiritually has still been put in motion with potential benefit.  Don't hold yourself back with less than ideal circumstances, timing, personal bandwidth, etc. & miss out on anything uplifting.  Ever.  Every little bit counts!

Thin Veil Time has been honored for hundreds of years in various ways by multiple cultures.  In Mexico, there are lovely traditions of Honoring & Welcoming Back passed over Loved Ones & Ancestors.  Gravesites are cleaned, candles are lit, favorite foods & special sweets are laid out... including the iconic Sugar Skulls that most of us are familiar with... has great information that I've enjoyed.  (Thanks!)

The Celts viewed their time (around our October 31st) as Thin Veil Time, too... interestingly within the context of it being the end of their year.  Samhain / "Summer's End" marked the end of their agricultural cycle & year.  Which also made it their New Year's Eve time to release the concluding year & whatever needed to go with it to make room for their New Year's Day & fresh year.

I like the idea of releasing a cycle at this time as they (the Celts) did, even given our calendar differences... We're already in the last part of the year & I have personally found the idea of "sliding into the end of the year reflectively" (using the last quarter of the year as my benchmark) very "In Sync, Beneficial & Most Graceful" vs. only giving it space around a New Year's Eve or so.  In 2023 peak Thin Veil Time is happening just after a Full Moon, a known prime time for releasing.  So this year I particularly paused to Release, Reflect & Connect on 10/31 Sunset Dusk Time outside.  I approached it openly & simply.  I walked away loads lighter, Peaceful, more connected & better for it.  Then I brought in Cleansing Blessings of Violet & Pink Sparkly Energies to fill in for whatever was released plus a chaser of Sparkly Light Golden Energies for Protection.  I clearly noticed ArchAngel Muriel's help, as well.  If asked, she's keen on helping those who willingly help themselves.  To conclude after Giving Thanks, I took a few moments to be in the flow of my Absolute Best New Year ahead... to connect & see if anything started floating up as clues to work with & to also intentionally Be Aligned with whatever this Best New Year is... even if God only knows at this point!

On the note of prolific skull symbols, crystal skulls have represented Ancestors, Spirit Connection & Guidance, Spiritual Enlightenment plus more in various cultures for centuries... Crystal Skulls have been highly revered by Tibetan Buddhists, as well as many other cultures.  A well known crystal skull dealer shared the account of a Monk making the arduous escape from the Chinese invasion, tough terrain & treacherous conditions notwithstanding, toting a large, heavy, very old & revered crystal skull all the while.  It was considered that important.

Here's a gorgeous picture of a beautifully adorned Mexican Ofrenda Altar for Day of The Dead Celebrations.  I totally feel her loving devotion just looking at the photo!!  You can do your own version of this, too.  Simply light a candle & send out your Loving Thoughts, consciously inviting your beloveds to commune with you 💚💚


Traditional Mexican Day of The Dead Offrenda. Picture Courtesy of
Woman Tending to Her Ofrenda of Candles, Copal, Food & Saint Images
Photo Courtesy of

I invite y'all to consider this extra bit of Pure Love & Pure Light Magic that might be more available to us this time of year.   Note:  As always, it's best to intend for only Pure Love & Pure Light connections & energies... You can call in ArchAngel Michael for Loving Support & Protection, as well as Jesus... they both just came through & will help anyone reading this who asks!  (Thanks!!)  Also, you can see yourself surrounded with Violet Energies (transmutes lower vibes) &/or Deep Purple (Cloaking Energies) as well as Bright Golden or Deep Blue Energies for greater Protection.  I often see flashes of dark blue with AA Michael.

You may more quickly sense presences, you may pick up on more "Signs."  They may take the form of coins (my grandfather just came in & reminded me of a particular coin he "dropped" for me to find at a diesel pump near my birthday one year.)  You may see feathers.  (Super common for me & others.)  You may get a sense of being "watched over."  You may also suddenly sense "someone standing behind or beside you" or even catch a glimpse of "something" moving out of the corner of your eye.  You may even crave particular foods associated with passed loved ones or "smell" something.  You may sense a "Whoosh of Air" with no breeze or logical airflow nearby!  You may hear a song that signals something for you.... Trust your Intuition... even very faint hints, subtle feelings.  Pause, Honor... Be open to the moments & let them "Breathe with You."  Talk to Beloveds in Spirit in your own best way silently, by physically writing a letter, out loud, whatever makes you happy & raises your energetic vibrations.  Celebrate the Eternal Love!

Staying "In Balance" may help.  Meditation, using High Vibrational Crystals, including High Vibe Crystal Skulls / Hearts / Other Talismans, may help.  Slowing down a bit to be more present & aware will help, too.

Be Willing to Believe in The Signs that Spirit Sends, Understanding That Real Love Connections are Forever... Truly Transcending Any Perceived Physical or Mental Constraints.

Life Can Be Magical... Let It & Relish It!

Angel Grave Marker Amidst Day of The Dead Celebrations
Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico
Photo Courtesy of


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Smokey Brandberg Amethyst & Moon Quartz Happy Skull!Smokey Brandberg Amethyst with Moon Quartz Happy Skull

I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!
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