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Gobogobos Dig Site March 2017. West Side of Brandberg Mountain.
Photo courtesy of Paul Wellhauser.  Mucho Thanks Paul & Nharo!
True Brandberg Crystals are unique & hail from the Ancient & Very Mystical Brandberg Mountains in Damaraland, Namibia, Southern Africa.  Rising up dramatically from the desert landscape, the Herero Tribe named them Omukuruvaro or "Mountian of The Gods," quite apt since they can be seen from space.  The surrounding Namib Desert is unique, too, reportedly being the oldest on Earth.  Wow.  Rugged home to Elephant & Black Rhino, the area is also revered for its Ancient Rock Engravings, lingering Secrets & 200 million-year-old petrified forests.  An acquaintance also sees Zebras each trip there & says Lions were spotted in early 2017.  Wow, again.  There are some very intriguing vibes going on around here!  This Sacred Mountain Range comes alive with sunset glow, referred to as “Burning Mountain” or "Fire Mountain" by locals.

I've become acquainted with these crystals & know they just have their own thing going on!!  They produce their own sort of High Vibrational Frequency & tend to have their own distinct looks as well.  No surprise, given their birth place.  Their Rock Matrix is even gorgeous, with colors ranging from beautiful burgundy browns to pinkish tan to nearly white to deep green & more.  Love it & Love the Matrix Energies too!

These super special guys contain mixtures of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & all their Energies.  Magic!  Clear Quartz will enhance & magnify anything it's put with + promote clarity & so much more.  It's one of the Important Basic Stones to have.  Smokey Quartz tends to ground, protect you, your "Basic Self" & all business dynamics.  Plus, I think it can help one "Sense The Unseen or Hidden" to better navigate potential pitfalls.  Amethyst typically emanates  Healing, Cleansing, Calm, Knowing, Creative & Spiritual High Vibrational Energies.  Brandbergs do all of this with Extra Magical, Mystical, Super Ancient Knowing & Healing Twists!  Any surrounding Matrix Stone of its origins is very Grounding, which I adore for its own Vibes & help.  I often meditate with 2 Brandberg Smokey Amethysts containing plenty of Matrix that "feels important" to have in my hands.  The Sacred Mountains also yield Aquamarine, Garnet & other Crystal Stones, too.

In my experience, each Brandberg Crystal is a stone of "Real Purpose" seeking a particular person to be with permanently.  It seems they profoundly choose you.  More than you may have experienced before.  I think this adds Big Energies of Loyalty & Sense of Honor to them.  Like an Ancient, Wise Shaman who will guide & watch out for you nor let you down.  Want to attract more of those energies into your life?  Start working with a "hefty Brandberg," I'm hearing Intuitively, do your own work & watch it come.  Getting to know them continues to be quite a Journey.  I found myself just drawn in to stand over the 1st big shipment of them that I had.  I felt I had to just "BE" with them.  I also felt very protective over them.  I began realizing this was a mutual, give & take energy going on between us.  They were "Watching Over & Protecting" me much more than I was them.  The more I connect, the more I feel their Energies as Grounded in some sort of Timeless Knowing, seemingly Steadfast & Patient.  They have their own type of personality about them & reveal themselves to their person in their own time frame, not yours!  So you may need to just let 'em help you right off the bat & "get to know them" later.  Each one will let you know!  They're Uplifting along with a Sense of Humor, once you get to know 'em better & they know they've got you going along your Intended Sacred Path :-) Whether you notice it or not, they diligently work in the background for Your Highest Good all the time.  Love it!

I also understand they want to "go for the Deep Healing, Deep Cleansing" going "ALL the way back!" so you can be "Really Well & Truly Happy!"  That's the Light Hearted Element to this.  They want us all to be Spiritually Grounded & Supremely Happy.  I sense this process can include cleansing more than 1 lifetime at a time in a big Energy Dynamic "Spanning the Ages" they're telling me just now!  Wow & whew.  Lastly, I've noticed these crystals have a real propensity for images of faces, figures, etc. on them representing some sort of Light Spirit or Energy that comes along with them to help you.  Really!!  These crystals are fascinating & one of my personal all-time favorites.  I'm grateful they're taking me on a great ride along with them!

Anyone wanting to further themselves & their True Spiritual Journey, will become hooked on these Crystal Compadres.  Dive in with some patience & an open mind.  There are Brandbergs hanging out with me waiting to connect with "their person & get to work!"  If you want to connect with your Unique Brandberg, click  Email Sue Ann.  There's probably a good reason for you finding & reading this.  When I connect Intuitively with this geographical area, I sense Cool, Mystical & Deeply Spiritual Vibes.  It got my attention immediately.  Brandbergs want to gift these special energies to their people.  I say, Woo Hoo & Thank You!  How 'bout you?

 Certificate of Authentication available upon request with purchase.  Thanks for being here today. ~SA~

"Love these 2 pieces together!! Not only do they sparkle but the incredible energy and vibes coming off of them are amazing!! Sue Ann, you are the best!! Love how you can match them up!!!" ---Michelle M., OH 4/23/2017 (My pleasure, my honor! ~SA~)


"I just happened to walk by and see my (Brandberg) quartz has a rainbow coming straight through it! The spirit (image) is lighted so gorgeous and special happy rainbows!!" --CS, TX 4/30/2017 (Like some others, this one came with a Spirit of Light & Guidance for its new person! ~SA~)