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Full Moon Eclipse Messages for Now & Timeless Tips

Full Moon Eclipse Messages for Now & Timeless Tips - SueAnnTexas.Com & The Shoppe
 Last Updated 11/6/2023


There was a Taurus Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday October 28th & we're still in the possible Halo Effect of it.  I've been guided to share oracle cards & their messages plus handy information to use now & beyond this Eclipse's effects!


 Eclipses can be catalytic, opening the doorways we need to walk through, like it or not.  New Moon Eclipses tend to open up opportunities or push us forward on something while Full Moon Eclipses tend to be more jarring, bringing out something hidden &/or "eclipsing" something out of our realm somehow.  The Eclipse Energies put a New or Full Moon into exponential mode, magnifying the power & effects into the equivalent of many New or Full Moons within only one!


We had the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday October 14th prior to the Saturday October 28th Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Knowing that it's often best to hang loose & be more of a "rational responder" to what comes up during eclipses than an "off the cuff initiator," I wasn't sure of my best course of action & focus... but I also always trust my Intuition as it has served me well.  With this recent New Moon Eclipse, I felt a strange propulsion toward website tune ups & fell into some new, helpful apps for the website because of it... leading to overhauling & improving the blog for y'all, which is still a bit of work in progress.  I kept checking myself Intuitively & still felt as if I was being shoved along, so I kept running with this process.  Then I knew the Full Moon Eclipse was coming & that it might be more intense or upending...


I suddenly felt lead to pull oracle cards for the Full Moon Eclipse, that I also thought I might end up sharing here for y'all's benefit, too.  Whatever the reasons, Spirit's timing for sharing is finally now!


From the Oracle of The Sacred Horse Card Deck
By Kathy Pike with Laurie Prindle's Artwork


This 1st Card indicates beautiful, strong energies!  From the Oracle of The Sacred Horse card deck (available at Amazon, Llewllyn Publications & Blue Angel Publishing) I drew the card of Fertility & Endings... So appropriate for what I felt in the moment plus regarding the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse Energies!  What struck me most was the Super Strong yet CALM Image & Energies.  I kept hearing Intuitively, "Standing in The Breach, Standing in The Breach" yet nothing felt frantic.  The pillars in the background also add the energies of Structure & Stability, helping to flesh out the possible messages.  Intuitively hearing "Stability, Stability, Stability" I gathered that it was even more critically important to maintain balance at this time... to pace myself / yourself, stay confident, meditate, etc. & stay out of confusing energies as much as possible.  Constantly.  Interestingly, the bottom of this picture shows the horse standing in Creative, Watery / Intuitive Energies with Lotus Flowers... hence, Confidence in Intuition with some possible Enlightenment coming forth, too.  Confirming in my mind, to trust my Intuition, that all will be revealed in time.


This card also references Osiris, an ancient Egyptian Deity known for multiple things.... what jumped out at me the most was his association with Resurrection & the fact that he would represent male energy.  I makes me wonder if there is male energy in the mix somehow with this eclipse for some of us, even though Lunar Eclipses are known to point to a female / female energies.  Osiris is associated with Fertility & Taurus is too, yet Intuition guided me most to the Resurrection aspect, odd in my mind, again, since Lunar Eclipses are about putting something to bed & usually with some sort of finality, not theoretically about "resurrecting" something.  I'm noting these potential clues for observation / "wait & see" mode... I've learned that so much can rest in the details of things.  Lastly, I love that the horse is covered in Feather & Wing motifs as if he's just waiting for his most appropriate moment to fly free / move into action.  Plus the stars around his face, the gold embellishments around the eye plus the unicorn horn in the 3rd eye area add up to more Enlightenment Energies, "Sparks of Knowing," "Seeing & Creating," "Information Gathering / Antennae for Truth," "Protection to Be Able to Rightly See The Truth" (good one!)  I'm hearing Intuitively ...all helpful things in preparation for the time to take right actions, I think.


From the Ancestors & Angels Oracle Card Deck
By Kyle Gray with Lily Moses as Illustrator


I felt lead to pull 2 more cards, this time from the Ancestors and Angels Oracle Card Deck (available at Amazon, Hay House.)  And pulled the Moon / Intuition Card (!) plus the Master / Graceful Movement & Action card.  Re-emphasizing following Intuitive Signs, Messages & Urgings this Moon Cycle with a reminder that Movement can be Graceful... again it's about a Confident & Measured Stance not frantic energies or flailing about.  What struck me even more so about the Master card was the Praying Mantis, a symbol of Power in Stillness "then acting when warranted or right."  I've recently had multiple living praying mantis signs which often mean for me to either take a big pause / chill out or to temporarily suspend acting on what seems like the more "normal" thing to act on, because I don't see its true timing yet, then to see what else I might really need to direct attention toward... Which is what I basically felt I was doing, having followed my Intuition... working on my website, then working on the blog transition so intently which seemed like a quirky, yet truly meaningful twist. 


Part of the thing about eclipses is that we often don't know for sure about things in the moment... much is often hidden until it's just not hidden anymore... time & perspective eventually tells more of the story! 


Additionally, this card specifically refers to a Shaolin Master... I think there are some great nuggets in that regarding "Multi Layered Focus & Self Mastery."  To me this jives with the horse's stance reflected in the 1st card above... No superfluous actions, no wasted efforts, no fretting.  Watchful Confidence for Now is my take away!


Here are some things I've learned to do for myself when energies get intense, which is common during eclipse times... And, yes, I have done each of these things for myself recently, multiple times!

💚 When I start to mentally focus on or actual try working on something & the energies are bizarrely scrambled & frustrating... I stop & ask, "If not this, then what?"  I very typically get an immediate indication back of where / how to redirect myself.  It may be an image, idea, flash of something in my mind &/or an outright message with a succinct explanation of why.  So, I immediately change course & the intensity of unhelpful energies immediately quells or stops altogether giving me a clearer pathway to work with in that moment.

💚 When the energies are overwhelmingly intense, even incapacitating to a degree, I stop & ask, "What should I be celebrating this moment?"  I've learned there's a back handed message to pretty much everything, if not everything, so I flip it to the positive with this question.  Again, I'll almost always get an indication, so I have a clue of something positive to hang on to & know "that" is what my life is actually going toward, I'm not just mired in the current awful moment.

💚 I do a whole lot of "just one step at a time" in my life, feeling like I'm walking down a pitch black hallway... yet trusting Intuition, God, Spirit Guidance that I am firmly on my best path possible in the moment.  Divine is working the details out in those moments & I don't have to bother with that just yet, I've learned.

💚 I've also learned to want / ask for / intend that whatever I have to walk through in life, however hard, that it be lined out as the absolute best version of it for me & the most joyful experience it can be for me as I walk through it.  I eventually noticed a distinct difference in many of my experiences... how well they shaped up for me & the surprisingly Graceful Flow of it for me, too...  So consider giving this one a shot.  I continue to intend this, in general, for everything for me every day.  And why not?!


Some say we're already out of Eclipse Season for now... which I guess we are as we are currently done with the recent set of eclipses actually occurring.  However, I've learned from Susan Miller / Astrology Zone & others that eclipses are tricky.  Their effects may show up a week before or after (give or take) or a month before or after (give or take) & possibly even a year before or after (give or take.)  There's also an approximate 19 year cycle to consider too, which won't necessarily lend itself to the exact same experience as before, but could harken back with a connecting thread... so ponder that for possible themes & what state you've grown into now regarding those themes vs. how you were then with things.
In summary regarding eclipses, it may be best to Be Aware, use your Intuition & Guidance as best you can, Flow with things presenting as best you can, watch for The Signs Divinely coming up around you for help plus don't get in a fit over things, as you're likely not going to have control over the core thing happening anyway... only your reactions & personal stance / choices forward.  Astrologers emphasize that eclipses bring the things we can't see coming & can't prepare for, which I have disruptively lived!  Here's something I experienced about a year ago though, in case it helps... I happened to read some information about the upcoming eclipses & something particularly jumped out at me with a naggy feeling.  I chose to pay attention.  Within a week, I had related realizations, darn it, but it was good as it was necessary.  It was something I hadn't seen coming yet (eclipse surprise!) but for really good reasons.  I was given a chance to start making different choices immediately though.  I had an eclipse surprise, but I also had the Divine Gift of an early, very helpful heads up!


You can click for Susan Miller's lowdown on eclipses.  She's reputable, has loads of experience & strives for accuracy.  It's a long article but you can scroll down to each heading & pick your topics.  Her Astrology Zone App is handy, well known & well priced.  I've also been using her much more recent app, Moonlight Phases & have found myself depending on it more than expected.


Happiest Eclipse Journey to Each of You... I Hope This Helps You in Real Ways.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!
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