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Uplifting ArchAngel Barachiel Follow Up! 2 Minute Read :D

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

I introduced ArchAngel Barachiel in 2 prior posts & now he wants to relay messages regarding how he can help with "Love Connections..."  This can mean with yourself, with a significant other or even with loved ones passed on, he says!  He also wants to address that he can help us with our THOUGHTS concerning love.... patterns, worries, missteps, etc. & help change it all for the better.... even when it involves past life stuff that may be nipping at our heels, yep!

Even if your views are quite Healthy, he says he can help "ascertain where you need help the most, whether you are aware of the need or not, then dispatch appropriate Pure Light Spirit Help to address it & Guide you towards enlivening something better within!"  Woo Hoo & Thank You, Barachiel :D  I say, why not Give this a Whirl, now?!!  Call him in.... You might experience something really cool!  He now says he wants us all to have Happy, Healthy, Wondrous, Magical, "Eloquent" even (his word, wow, I like it!!) relationships of Love with others (he said with a twinkle in his face.)  This is one of the ways to learn of Unconditional Love, he says, and to ENJOY learning it!

If you need assistance connecting with a passed on Beloved, he says he will connect you with ArchAngel Azrael, as well, to help clear the way for that!

He says in a final word to BE AWARE of THE SIGNS sent!!  Try not to dismiss what you do not understand or are afraid may not be real, y'all.  If you want confirmation of some sort, it WILL be sent.  Then intend to not miss that sign either, he indicates with another Twinkle & a Grin!  The signs may be small or big, subtle or loud yet you WILL have what you need with the right timing.  Have Faith in yourself & in the ability for Pure Light Spirit to Help YOU.  Slow Down & amp up your awareness when you realize you are not in your best "flow."  Accept real deal Truth & Light along the way, as well as, real deal Love.... recognizing & fully appreciating things is part of how we expand it, yep!  Take a breath, close your eyes & call in ArchAngel Barachiel now.  See sparkles of Light, feel his Divine Presence :))  Give Thanks for his "Best Help for YOU RIGHT NOW" then say "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Another thought & experience of mine is this.... Be willing to live with some "Guts" to achieve the "Glory & Good Stuff!"  I think the more we're willing to do that, the more we discover what we're capable of plus help stamp out regret!!  

Final Thought for Now: Intend to Receive, Be Gracious & Very Thankful with these sorts of Gifts, which we are ALL privy to having.  It is mind-blowing how MAGICAL Life can be & I AM GRATEFUL to have experienced it 1st hand, yep!! ~SA~  

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