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Hi There!  Please note some Clients prefer to keep their commentary private, given the unique nature of my business, while others only do business with me directly.  I do hope what IS shared here helps.  If you have questions, click Email Sue Ann.  All comments are screened for real deal authenticity before publishing.  Also note, I have never compensated nor will I ever compensate someone to generate a review.  Please know my "Over The Moon Happy Assurances" grant a Pronto Fix regarding any purchase, if needed!!! ~SA~
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A true psychic gift solved an unusual problem with my dog
Thanks so much, Dianne!
talk and energy work
I look forward to it! It was my pleasure and thank you very much SA
bought stress less for myself
Thanks so much, Pat!! Big Hugs ~SA~
Pathway to Healing...TWICE
So appreciative of your comments, time & enjoy having you as a Client! Big Thanks, again, Anna!! ~SA~
Spot on
Thanks so much, Bev, I truly appreciate it & also appreciate you leaving comments to help others!
Great Reading
I'm so glad. Thanks for sharing, Debra!!! ~SA~
Wow. Happy Customer!
It was my true pleasure & honor to do this for you & your family, Dianne. Thank you for becoming my client!!
Ancient horse
Thank you, thank you! So glad you love it!!
All things
Appreciate your thoughts & feedback for myself & others, Becky!!!
Another Great Experience
Many thanks, Dianne!!! You have been a joy to work with, are greatly appreciated & I am so glad we found each other... Big Hugs! ~SA~
Great Experience - Don't be Nervous!!
Thanks so much, Dianne!! It was my complete pleasure to connect with you & beloved doggie companion. Truly! Big Thanks for helping others (& my shop) with your candid & thorough review. Hugs ~SA~
Miracle Worker!!!
Thank you so much Evelia!!!! I'm so glad it's with your family now :)) ~SA~
Lovely Pendant
Woo Hoo & Thanks for Letting Me Know!!! I'm so glad that piece found its Special Person. ~SA~
Special Attention and Service
Huge Thanks for your trust, repeat biz, feedback + cool photo, Cindy!!!! ~SA~
So Pleased!!
Cool Skull!!!
That makes me sooo happy! Glad you're enjoying your Lapis, Clear Citrine with Big Rainbow, Smokey Quartz Skulls + Cool Labradorite Skull Pendant. I had fun finding them for you :D
Golden Hours, Self Confidence!
Hooray & Big Thanks!!
Happy Healthy Abundance
I love this classy piece. So glad you got it!
Wow y’all!
Thank You, Thank You!! I truly truly enjoy hunting down just the right thing for you & appreciate any feedback afterwards :D
Love this Hunk!
Really Helpful!
Just love it!
My Pleasure!! So excited for you/your horse & for all the feedback :D
Special Service