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"....There's no doubt in my soul that I was Divinely Guided to her.... This experience WILL change you...."  Anna L. in TX





"....You never do anything half-way, do you!? have outdone yourself again.  I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity...." 😊 D.B. in MA


"You told me I would have a chestnut foal & I did!  I could NOT figure out how with 2 bay horses.... we'll be speaking again!" 🐴 B.T. in IA

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Welcome! Thanks for Your Interest in this Metaphysical Work & Me as the Conduit for It.  I Hope this Answers Your Most Important Questions & Helps You Get to Know Who You'd Be Working With.  Click The Shoppe to Browse Online or Email Sue Ann to Deal Directly with Me Anytime. ~SA~!
I leaped into doing Intuitive, Psychic Medium & Animal Communication Work for the public in 1996, happily booting a traditional business career, life & fancy university degree in the process.  (Who knew this was coming?)  Weeks later, natural abilities for easily seeing & working with Metaphysical Energies (yep, they exist too!) unexpectedly revealed themselves during a casual phone conversation.  The person was on the verge of catching the flu & talking about it.  I suddenly saw Energies associated with it in my mind's eye.  Sensing what to do, I offered to help.  With a "H@##, Yes!" response from her (chuckle) then real time time feedback, I quickly realized this was another "thing" I was definitely meant to have & use.  I am Grateful for all these abilities which profoundly enhance my life.
Givin' My Old Life The Boot.....!
My early life did not include these sorts of things, having grown up in small-town Texas circa 1960s-1970s.  Retrospectively, however, there were clues indicating my natural metaphysical attunement.  It just went largely unnoticed or misunderstood.  Longing for some "real answers" a personal Spiritual Quest ensued around age 31 & began to bring me life-altering understanding.  I  had a fire in me to change my life for the better & I didn't mind doing the work to get it done.  This included highly developing & trusting my own Intuition so I could take care of myself much better & more succinctly.  (Relief!)  Yet, I had no clue (really!) that I was Destined to help others the same ways I was helping myself.  Along the way, Spirit made it clear I was meant to be highly self-reliant & unencumbered by others' understanding, abilities & approaches... having me give away every metaphysical book I bought.  Most by famous authors & almost all completely unread, as Spirit would promptly stop me!
Finally, First Horse around age 10 ;-)
I view being largely & continually self-taught as one of my greatest assets.  All I learn & refine for myself daily is intrinsically applied to client work.  Immense, ongoing help from The Pure Light Spirit Realm (my teachers!) as well as my experiences over the long haul are integral to the work that comes through me.... I've been at this a while, y'all!  My determination to deliver world-class level, bespoke help comes through, I think.  The work tends to flow efficiently, with a unique thoroughness & intriguing sense of continuity.  I trust it, run with it as presented & know there is always a higher purpose to exactly how it's guided along.  Being solution oriented & operating within a spiritual framework of "Purest Love & Light" only, are paramount tenets for me.  My purpose is to serve The Highest Good.  I stay in the flow of Divine Guidance, Intuition, etc. & often find the intricate orchestration of sessions to be fascinating & sometimes humorous!  I proudly retain long-term clients emphasizing elite quality work & well cared for client relationships.  Quantity of clients has never been my focus.  I do my part & Spirit brings the clients meant for me.  Confidentiality is a given whether you are a well known person of any sort at all or not.  Period.  I care about how much I can help improve my client's lives.  I work with people & all animals, as well as, people & animals together... plus bring through messages from passed on beloveds (people & animals,) channel Spirit Guides & Angels, clean & uplift energies for clients personally, as well as, their physical spaces.  I've successfully worked with Competitive English & Western Equine Clients, Beloved Pasture Pals, Dogs, Cats, Birds & more.... I've worked with all sorts of People for all sorts of reasons.... cleared out unhelpful Spirits from homes & more.... The breadth & depth of this work goes on & it's accomplished in a multitude of ways.... It works however it needs to in order to be accomplished accurately, efficiently & well!  Oftentimes a blast to do, I am Honored to have this be a key part of my life.
Happy Clients Ann & Ziggy the Bird!
Intuitively selected high vibrational crystals, jewelry & sundries were added in 2017 after Spirit got my attention with an unexpected opportunity & path.  All those years of having Crystals & benefiting from their Energies is now serving its Higher Purpose!!  (Yes, they have Energies just as we do!)  View Crystals & Sundries by Collection or see "The Whole Enchilada" at once.  Newest Good Stuff was added in 2020 for timely updates on what Spirit has me curate & create for y'all in The Shoppe.  Added bits of information & behind the scenes anecdotes are included for fun & education!!
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In 2019 Spirit guided me into Spiritual Nuggets & Musings Blog for sharing uplifting Spirit Information & my own 25+ years of knowledge.  Then they guided me to expand it to include a Podcast, spur of the moment, January 2021..... Double Good Stuff!  THEN Spirit had me add Horsey Intuitive & Healing Energy Good Stuff Videos along with my personal accounts of The "Unseen" / Metaphysical Back Stories for y'all to read, April 2021..... Great for Horse & Animal Lovers yet filled with worthy information for all, yep!
Spiritual Nuggets Blog @
Spiritual Nuggets Podcast Episodes!  Horsey Psychic, Intuitive, Animal Communication, Healing Energy @

I established my business in 1996 & launched this particular site in 2015.  I gratefully live near Weatherford, Texas & predominantly serve clients across the U.S.A.  In addition to working with Clients from New York to Hawai'i, literally, I've worked with clients in Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand & Sweden.  If you are outside the U.S.A. you may be able to purchase services without a hitch online (physical items not set up online for shipping outside the U.S.)  Contact me for options or help, if you want my help with something.

Please note I'm only fluent in English, albeit Texas English, Y'All ;-)

My "Over The Moon Happy Assurances" Grant a Pronto Fix, If Needed!

Other passions of mine include competing as a NCHA Non Pro / Amateur, plus living my Journey with Integrity.  I live on the land with beloved animals & meditate daily.  A special Flying Star Bar design is my horses' left hip freeze brand embodying personal meaning & good vibes.  Spirit often appears as bright orbs, sparks & streaks for me even in broad daylight, yep!  I believe in a sense of humor, maintaining a rolling perspective on things, the Magical presence of Spirit & Miracles, plus doing the work to achieve your Heart's True Desires & Ultimate Authentic Self.  I profoundly appreciate the Immense Spirit Help all around me, my life & work, all the time..... You can cultivate it, too!!
Molly & I Competing at Fort Worth, Tx
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