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ARE YOU SPIRITUALLY BASED & WHAT'S YOUR PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND?  This whole thing began with my own ardent, personal Spiritual & Life Quest while still in a traditional business career.  I originated from a moderate traditional Christian background & expanded greatly from there.  Regarding my metaphysical / professional abilities, early feedback yielded clear confirmation for natural talents emerging & gave me enough confidence to run with it.  I learned I had something worthwhile to offer that was appreciated & needed, sans formal training or approval from others.  Predominantly "self taught," I've learned from decades of trusted Spirit Guide Help, Intuition & daily, real deal life experience.  My tenets have always been "Does it come from Pure Love & Pure Light?  Does it serve the Highest Good?"  This is how I continue my own Journey, fulfill this Spiritual Purpose & part of how I've drawn in a phenomenal, very large & ever growing team of Pure Light Spirit Help / Support..... Thanks, Spirit!!
HOW DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?  Short answer:  The Work "works" however it needs to!!  I may sense / literally empathically feel things in my own body, have multi sensory reactions such as literally smelling or tasting something, receive images in my mind, channel messages from animals / ancestors / Pure Light Spirit Help, connect / assess / work with energies / energy fields / geographic energy & more!  My purpose is to serve The Highest Good & everything is connected / has meaning, so I am grateful Spirit has made sure I'm able to handle things well, by being able to cover all the bases needed covering & puttting my ability for attention to detail to good use, along with my natural bent for being a Seeker of Solutions, Perspective & Understanding.
HOW DO YOU WORK WITH CLIENTS?  By Phone & Email.  Zoom or other options may be available as needed.  Working by phone & email has worked super effectively for over 25 years!!  No information or pictures are required up front & if we're working with any animals, you do not have to be present with them.  It might make for a more complete experience for you & you might see reactions to things, however, I get the work done either way.  I highly recommend being ready to take notes during any appointment..... you don't want to miss any of the good stuff that happens or comes through for you, your animals or your life in general.  So far, I've worked with clients from New York to Hawai'i, literally, Canada & over seas.  This site is mainly set up for clients in the U.S.A. & Canada.  If you are outside the U.S.A. or Canada, you may still be able to easily purchase services here.  If we need to explore other payment options, let me know.  Click email link below to contact me.  I typically work during the week & not so so late in the day that I can't wind down after having all those energies run through me!  On occasion, I still agree to work a later appointment to accommodate a client & reserve a possible Saturday appointment for the last option.  I do want to serve the clients meant to work with me while maintaining a good balance so I can do my absolute best for now & the long haul!
Please note I'm only fluent in English, although Texas English, y'all!!
SHIPPING & CURRENCIES:  This site is configured for shipping via USPS to the U.S.A. 50 States & Canada with free shipping to the lower 48 United States if $60+ USD is in your Saddle Bags at checkout.  If you want me to explore other options for you, click the email link below.  Currency conversions to display for your convenience include USD, CAD, AUD, NZD & GBP..... click icon on any page's lower left if you need to.
ONSITE SECURITY & PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Trusted Site/McAfee has been a part of this site from the beginning & scans it daily plus more.  If your browser security doesn't block it from displaying, you can click the small icon on the very lower left of any page to explore it or click & go to my Trusted Site Page.  Regular Shoppe checkout is set up with Intuit/QuickBooks Merchant via the secure, respected Shopify website hosting platform.  Widely known PayPal Checkout is available, too.  Your online purchases are eligible for Trusted Site/McAfee Online Identity Protection.  U.S. & Canadian purchasers are covered with the exception of MN, TX & NY.  Look for small pop up at checkout completion to register or click register.  Other payment options may be available if needed, click email link down below to inquire.
INTEGRITY & MAKE IT RIGHT since 1996 / MY OVER the MOON HAPPY CLIENT POLICY:   If you are unhappy with your purchase, experience or business dealings directly with me &/or my online shoppe, please contact me A.S.A.P. for a pronto fix to the best of my ability.  I'd rather make a courtesy accommodation & cultivate good relations while maintaining respectful relations all around, too, as much as possible.
RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS & RESCHEDULING / POLICIES:  If you need to return a physical item, cancel or reschedule an appointment or simply have changed your mind about something, please contact me as soon as you can.  Again, I'd rather make a courtesy accommodation for an existing or potential client or even clean up our business together & part ways as amicably as possible, if necessary.  Although I reserve the right to change these practices & any policies without notice, I prefer to cultivate happy, quality clients that are meant to work with me & possibly work with me for the long haul, then take very good care of them!!  Click Policies to view all in full.
IMPORTANT COMMON SENSE REMINDER FOLKS!  I offer services, consultations & items in the spirit of helping others with Integrity.  As always, consult & work with all appropriate medical, legal, healthcare, other professionals & practitioners needed by you, your animals & business for your own well being, best benefit & Highest Good.  Follow your own Judgment, Guidance, Intuition & Heart as you see fit.  Your Life is Your Own Journey as it should be.  If you choose me to be an integrated part of it then thanks!!
Happy Journey to You! ~SA~

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