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ARE YOU SPIRITUALLY BASED?  Yes!!  This all began with my own Spiritual & Life Quest.  My tenets are, "Does it come from Pure Love & Pure Light?  Does it serve the Highest Good?"  This is how I continue my own Journey, fulfill my Spiritual Purpose & have drawn in a phenomenal team of Spirit Support.  Coming from a moderate Christian background, I expanded from there.  
HOW DO YOU WORK WITH CLIENTS?  By Phone & Email.  This has worked super effectively for over 20 years!  Click Reviews & Comments or ask about connecting with a client who's happy to share with others directly.  Upon request, I consider Ranch/Barn/Home calls for small groups.
HOW DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?  Short answer:  The Work "works" however it needs to!  I sense things in my own body, receive images & wording in my mind, channel messages from animals, ancestors, Pure Light Spirit Help, connect/read/work with energies and more!
BASIC POLICIES:  BOTTOM LINE:  My policies are Integrity & Make It Right.  Click:  Policies to view all in full.  YOUR SATISFACTION: If you are unhappy with your purchase or experience, please contact me immediately for a pronto satisfactory fix to the best of my ability.  RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS & RESCHEDULING: If you need to return an item I personally sell, cancel/reschedule an appointment/service or simply have changed your mind, please contact me immediately.  I'll issue a refund as needed or reschedule without additional charge.  I'd rather make a courtesy accommodation or part ways amicably.  FINAL NOTE:  Although I reserve the right to change these policies & practices without notice, I prefer cultivating happy, quality clients with the long haul in mind :)  Click: Email Sue Ann if you need anything.
COMMON SENSE REMINDER:  I offer services & items in the spirit of helping others with Integrity.  Always consult & work with appropriate medical, legal, healthcare, other professionals & practitioners needed by you, your animals & business for your own well being, best benefit & highest good.  Follow your own judgment, guidance, intuition & heart as you see fit.  Your life is your own Journey as it should be.  Happy Journey! 
I love my Spirit Gig!  Thanks for being here today. ~SA~
PERSONAL TIDBITS:  My animals like me to converse with them as "people" as well as Intuitively.  Spirit Help often appears as Light Streaks, Sparks & Orbs around me...even in broad daylight.  Yep!  The things I do for clients, I do for my own self/animals & life on a daily basis.  Another personal passion is competing in NCHA events with beloved horse compadres.  I live a grounded life in the real world by choice, while maintaining a high level spiritual connection.
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Lifted me up!

I really enjoyed the Pegasus Medi!! The Medi lifted me up & allowed me to release a lot of worry and hurt all over, especially in my chest. I cried (good tears) and felt more connected to my spirit help. It was lovely....this was my 1st time using it. (It was especially heartfelt for me because I imagined my childhood on the back of my horse, having that connection & physical perspective.)


My very favorite meditation now. I love it!!

Appreciate the feedback!! I love & use this one too ⚡⚡
So Pleased!!

Thank you for all of yesterday, a truly humbling experience. I feel another large shift taking place and I am so pleased!!!


A wonderful grounding meditation which blew me away and relieved me of so much stress that I was holding in my body.

Mucho Thanks!!! I'm Happy you're Happy Susan :D I personally love & use it too! ~SA~
Ancestors meditation

Love love this!!!