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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
We ALL have the ability to use our Divine Connection, Intuition & Psychic Medium capabilities, yep!! 
You can choose to grow & elevate it, then enjoy the extra layer of Divine Connection, Freedom & Magical Flow it helps bring to your life!
Be aware of your Inklings, Physical Responses & Emotions as these are often "your tells" directing you.  You may even "hear" messages (as I do) or realize a word in a conversation just "jumped out at you" with unusual emphasis.  The ways these things can work is literally endless.  Divine is quite Ingenious, sometimes even humorous in a way!  A common & well known "tell" is people "getting chills" when they hear Truth, as well as when resonating with something of extra importance.  For me, sometimes I feel energetic intensity with a sudden "Whooosh" of Profound Calm & Stillness when an optimal solution or key piece of clarity comes through.  Let it work however it can & needs to for you each moment! 
Whatever you're picking up on, intend to "feel" what it's "telling" you.  You may need to sit with it briefly, not immediately react, let the energies clear or settle within & around you.  This momentary "Habit of Observation & Sensing Greater Understanding" (even if you don't know exactly what it means immediately) can serve you really well in so many ways.  Nearly immediate impressions are often valuable, even if very faint or seemingly "buried deeply somewhere within."  Some of my absolute most key messages in life have been an extremely subtle, one word or short phrase that addressed exactly what I needed to know in that moment, whether I knew that's what was paramount for me right then or not, yep!!   See what feedback life brings you as you start actively engaging your Intuition, Pure Light Spirit Signs & Messages.  This is Good Stuff, Y'All!!  It has averted me from harmful situations, helped me arrive at difficult decisions faster & more effectively, given me the extra confidence of feeling "Informed" & therefore much more stable.  It may help with something as simple as grabbing the ideal parking spot which makes your day or as big as avoiding actual danger, as helpful as seemingly "popping you out of a funk" about something or as Joyful as bringing the next catalytic person Pure Light Spirit knows is best for your life! :D
Remember to be completely Honorable & Respectful, in service of your Highest Good as a part of the Highest Good of All with using this.  It's a Divine part of us & the universe.  It should be treated as such.  Your true intentions & their inherent energies do matter & have ripple effects within & outward.
Enjoy Your Extraordinary & Magical Path of Discovery!! ~SA~

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