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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

Beloved Sunny, widely respected Equine Compadre who ushered me into an NCHA Cutting Horse Career, has come forward in Spirit (Surprise!) for me to channel (bring through) a message that feels to be a beginning to a series of posts.  (Ok, Sunny!)  Regarding "important things to mention to you people folks about The Journey we (animals) take while here, when we pass over & maybe more information I think is pertinent later on..." he says. 

Let's see where this goes :D

Background:  I chose Sunny intuitively over another horse recommended by my trainer at the time.  He became my profoundly trusted, unbelievably kick ass competitive partner in the show pen; plus super cool, sometimes cranky & sometimes Sunny & Sue Ann. March 2002. 1st Show & Mucho Success!comical pal!!!  We won 2 buckles & a check at our 1st show in March 2002 (picture) even though it was a late night, shivering cold & I was harboring what seemed to be pretty high fever... but I pressed on with a knowing sense of purpose.  He proved out his unique specialness & strength of character repeatedly... including but not limited to 1.) physically knocking a cow with his shoulder to make a super tough cut one night, 2.) performing perfectly despite an accidentally dropped rein while working a cow during competition one balmy day, 3.) took us to 3 out of 4 class finals at the Western National Championships in Utah, 4.) Garnered shouts of approval from the crowd at one of those finals when he refused to stop doing his job, even though our rebel cow managed to completely leave the pen & high tail it from sight... showing unbelievable Heart & "want to," remaining in perfect position, waiting for our missing cow to come back all the way to the buzzer.  Although it was not a "pretty" run, our focused grit earned us a top 10 spot.  A good horse would do #2 & #3, an extra tough horse that loves his job might do #1, a once in a lifetime cutting horse might do #4. (So Much Appreciation & Hugs, Always, Sunny)

Sunny Says to Y'all (Channeled Message): "Love is eternal for us (here on the other side.)  We never leave you behind completely.  We carry you in our Hearts & often come back in other lifetimes to be with you once again.  While staying on the other side (before/in between reincarnations) we may very well watch over you, as well as, other animals we are fond of... to make sure their Journey is a good one while still there (on Earth.)  We want our people to be Happy & Safe, well regarded by others (for Support, Respect) & Proud of the Journey Path they are on, what they are doing with it.  We want you not to be so sad, but proud of what you learned from us while we were there & afterward, after leaving our bodies behind.  Don't think of it as the ending to a Special Journey, but as the beginning to another, Newer Journey for us both.  We can still communicate with you.  Listen!!  Expand your Mind, Mindfulness & Awareness.  We can help you even more than you know!  Thanks for taking this in.  Thanks for being more aware for all of us here waiting to reconnect & for continuing to enjoy our relationships from the beyond... If we've reincarnated back with another, not (with) a prior partner that wanted it, then that person (prior partner) should remember the lovely memories & lessons, know we are with another for a purpose that really needed filling there."

Remember... Real Deal Love never "dies."  Ever!  Although the ones involved may change form, the Love doesn't cease on either end.  This is something I have gratefully experienced 1st hand.  I hope you enjoyed this post & stay tuned for more from Sunny, I expect! ~SA~

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💚 Thanks for everything, Sunny...You continue to be an incredible Gift, Guide & Guardian!! 💚

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