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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

Spirit often guides me down interesting paths of discovery with intent purpose, yep!  Late last year one of those paths lead to ArchAngel Barachiel... And here's what I've sensed so far:  Barachiel is associated with Blessings (Woo Hoo,) Abundance, Uplifting your general Spirit, Helping when you feel faced with "Impossible" things (He doesn't think it's "Impossible" at all,) Light Heartedness & Light Hearted Abundance, Long Lasting True Love & Soul Mate Type Relationships & more.  There's an Old Tradition, I found out, of AA Barachiel with Roses & Rose Petals, which I quickly found out 1st hand, too ;-)  There's a sense of something else... a desire to help us be Very Carefree, Gracefully Empowered & Grounded in Reality all wrapped up together with this one... Love it & Thank You, Barachiel!!  As I'm typing this, I continue hearing the word "Showering..."  Barachiel wants us to know he's showering Abundance & General Good Will on anyone who wants it!  Just raise an arm (literally or in your mind,) call out his name (literally or in your mind) then see Lightning Bolts connecting his energy to you/your hand & be willing/intending to receive!  Make note of anything else, such as how the Lightning looks in your mind's eye, what color it is or what you sense in yourself... these may be important messages for you!

I'm so Grateful for yet another specific Spirit of Pure Love & Light to be knowingly added & part of my Spiritual Arsenal!!  I'll be adding more information on AA Barachiel.... Stay Tuned & feel free to leave comments down below.  Enjoy! ~SA~ 

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Of course, there was a perfect timing & distinct purpose to ArchAngel Barachiel arriving in my life... The new Spicy Amber Rose Blend Oil (Spirit gifted me with the recipe & it's energetically infused by Barachiel, among many others!)  Spirit has emphatically had me use it, now it's listed in The Shop for Y'all!  Click Spicy Amber Rose Blend to see what it's all about <3

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67 reviews
Pathway to Healing...TWICE

A couple of months ago I went on a quest to find an animal communicator that was local because my two fur babies were in constant conflict and I needed help. Little did I realize my search was going to bring me to an understanding not only of their situation but of my own internal conflicts and struggles, and even though both issues kind of played off all three of us it turned out to be cathartic in multiple ways.
I'm here to attest to the beautiful healing power that Sue Ann has demonstrated twice as a communicator and intermediary between myself and the divine with the sole purpose for greater spiritual growth, protection, and most importantly clearing dark stagnant energies which were targeting and painfully affecting my physical body. WHO KNEW???
I've had two sessions with Sue Ann and never have I felt such powerful and profound effects during and after our sessions. This woman is profoundly gifted and there's no doubt in my soul that I was divinely guided to her for these reasons. As far as recommendations? Hell yes!!! This experience WILL change you.
Can't thank her enough!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

So appreciative of your comments, time & enjoy having you as a Client! Big Thanks, again, Anna!! ~SA~
Spot on

Sue Ann is very personable, connected and her reading for me was spot on. It was Much longer than the 30 minutes I requested. Having had numerous readings over the years, I always think I know what to expect, but each psychic is different and I appreciate the insights revealed. During the reading, I intuitively knew she was spot on to the areas for me which need attention and after the reading, i began to put them into motion. I will return for follow up for sure.

Thanks so much, Bev, I truly appreciate it & also appreciate you leaving comments to help others!
Medicine Cards

Love the cards. Sue Ann went above and beyond. Great feed back and easy to work with. Thank you Sue Ann.

Thanks so much for sharing, Heather! I appreciate it & I'm so glad you're happy with ~SA~
Great Reading

Enjoyed every minute. Thank you!

I'm so glad. Thanks for sharing, Debra!!! ~SA~
Wow. Happy Customer!

5/25/19 Wow, Sue Ann - I just read the readings and the information about all of extra gifts. You never do anything half-way, do you :-) ?! ...Seriously, though - the readings are wonderful and it's amazing how each ancient squares with the personality of its intended recipient... I love my Messenger Hawk and feel very blessed to have that connection to my brother (who's on the other side.) I know that he's always around and it will be nice to have something tangible to help me stay connected to him. Thank you so much - you have outdone yourself again. I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity. I look forward to continuing to be a happy customer! 6/21/19 Update The boys and I are enjoying our ancients and crystals... I always meditate with my hawk. It's funny, but when I hold it in my hand, I can feel it pulsating - sometimes it feels like static electricity, and sometimes it's more pronounced. When I first noticed it doing that, I switched hands, thinking that maybe I just had a twitch or something, but I felt the pulsating in the other hand. Then I picked up a remote, a hair brush and other non-ancient things, and there was no pulsating at all, so I'm very confident that it's the hawk. I have a lot more peace and clarity when I meditate with it... The hawk helps me to feel grounded and centered, like when I'm headed out the door for a challenge or just general weekday craziness, I like to hold the hawk for a second to get my bearings... So happy to be one of your clients!

It was my true pleasure & honor to do this for you & your family, Dianne. Thank you for becoming my client!!