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Spirit often guides me down interesting paths of discovery with intent purpose, yep!  Late last year one of those paths lead to ArchAngel Barachiel... And here's what I've sensed so far:  Barachiel is associated with Blessings (Woo Hoo,) Abundance, Uplifting your general Spirit, Helping when you feel faced with "Impossible" things (He doesn't think it's "Impossible" at all,) Light Heartedness & Light Hearted Abundance, Long Lasting True Love & Soul Mate Type Relationships & more.  There's an Old Tradition, I found out, of AA Barachiel with Roses & Rose Petals, which I quickly found out 1st hand, too ;-)  There's a sense of something else... a desire to help us be Very Carefree, Gracefully Empowered & Grounded in Reality all wrapped up together with this one... Love it & Thank You, Barachiel!!  As I'm typing this, I continue hearing the word "Showering..."  Barachiel wants us to know he's showering Abundance & General Good Will on anyone who wants it!  Just raise an arm (literally or in your mind,) call out his name (literally or in your mind) then see Lightning Bolts connecting his energy to you/your hand & be willing/intending to receive!  Make note of anything else, such as how the Lightning looks in your mind's eye, what color it is or what you sense in yourself... these may be important messages for you!

I'm so Grateful for yet another specific Spirit of Pure Love & Light to be knowingly added & part of my Spiritual Arsenal!!  I'll be adding more information on AA Barachiel.... Stay Tuned.  Enjoy! ~SA~ 

Of course, there was a perfect timing & distinct purpose to ArchAngel Barachiel arriving in my life... The new Spicy Amber Rose Blend Oil (Spirit gifted me with the recipe & it's energetically infused by Barachiel, among many others!)  Spirit has emphatically had me use it, now it's listed in The Shop for Y'all!  Click Spicy Amber Rose Blend to see what it's all about <3

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Miracle Worker!!!

"... you are a MIRACLE WORKER!!! ... I am SOOOO Grateful!!!!!!! Honestly— it is like a Miracle— really a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE that we needed to have— so desperately. The WHOLE house feels happier— we are able to BREATHE again. Thank you, dear friend." ~ Private Client, 12/31/18 ~


Just as pictured!! An amazing piece!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Evelia!!!! I'm so glad it's with your family now :)) ~SA~
Lovely Pendant

Love wearing it!!!

Woo Hoo & Thanks for Letting Me Know!!! I'm so glad that piece found its Special Person. ~SA~
Coming Back for More!!!

Energetically this oil is amazing, it has sooooo many benefits. Healing Spiritual and Physical Challenges. I use in for orthopedic challenges on several parts of my body.
Heartfelt thanks SA, for another awesome product.

Thank you so much for letting me know how this is working for you, LInda, and for taking the time to let others know how you feel about it too! Big Hugs ~SA~
Crystal Concierge Order for CK :D
Special Attention and Service

Sue Ann provided me yet again with exceptional personalized service and attention to detail. I appreciate how she takes the time to really focus in on items she is sending out from her shop in consideration of the intended recipients. Her connection to Spirit and interest in channeling the right energy for the best outcomes for her customers is truly noteworthy. I also am always pleased with the quality of the items purchased. Thanks Sue Ann!

Huge Thanks for your trust, repeat biz, feedback + cool photo, Cindy!!!! ~SA~