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Here's My Foundation Service..... Proudly Offered Since 1996!!

"....There's no doubt in my soul that I was Divinely Guided to her.... This experience WILL change you...."  Anna L. in TX







"....You never do anything half-way, do you!? have outdone yourself again.  I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity...." 😊 D.B. in MA


"You told me I would have a chestnut foal & I did!  I could NOT figure out how with 2 bay horses.... we'll be speaking again!" 🐴 B.T. in IA

Open Me 👋

All Inclusive Phone Appointment for You, Your Life &/or All Your Animals!! My Foundation Offering & Best Way to Help!


Healing Energy, Intuitive, Psychic Medium &/or Communication Help

For You, Your Life &/or All Your Animals!!

MY PURPOSE ☆ Serve My Client's Highest Good & The Highest Good Overall!!  Everything is Energetically Connected & Working with "A One Stop Professional" Covers All the Bases for You.  I've Been at This 25+ Years & Work Hard for My Clients' Benefit!

MY APPROACH ☆ Solution Oriented, Grounded, Spiritually Based, High Vibrational & Surrounded by Vast Pure Light Spirit Guidance & Support.

YOUR SESSION ☆ May include a lot!!  I cover ALL that Spirit guides me to &  things often happen in cool ways only Spirit can foresee & bring together..... It may include Key Guidance & Information, messages from your own Spirit Team (passed over Loved Ones, Angels, Guides, etc.) pertinent Past Life information (for You & Your Animals) Communications from your Animals (past/present, here/passed over) plus a good dose of Healing Energy Work, which can do so much!!  The possibilities are pretty endless.  Most clients report a sense of "just feeling better" & more!  
REGARDING ANIMAL WORK ☆ Clients tend to feel more Informed & Peaceful, know the best next step when we're done.  Once animals know they've been listened to & that issues will now be addressed, what was concerning or confusing MAY calm or disappear.

I am super mindful of what you want covered & do my darndest to get it done, yet cannot control what Spirit sends for you via me or how things will be guided along to serve Your Highest Good each session.  I'm a Straight Shooter & handle each session with Integrity, yet tend to work with a Light-Hearted attitude :D  Lastly, I do my part for you then let it all go..... Everything is your choice & ultimately up to you!!  Follow up questions for confirmation or clarity are considered part of your session, email or text me!

Leave scheduling information in checkout notes & I'll be in touch shortly to set you up!  If you'd like to email me directly, click  Email Sue Ann. Thanks!!

If you're located outside the U.S. & interested, click Email Sue Ann for help if needed. 
Please note I'm only fluent in English, albeit Texas English Y'all :D

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
LM in Arizona
Thank You / Me & Dogs

I just want to thank you again... after our session I have done some cleaning! I told you last time how I couldn't do anything... it is a good feeling to be able to do something! I appreciate your help... Love and Light...

Jessica in Colorado
MAGIC! (Bucking Horse & More)

Hey lady!!!! I just wanted to send you an update on (horse) Kevin!!! Also thank you so much for the note you sent!! It made me so happy!!!!

So after our session... everything has been so much better!!!! He's holding up to his promise of being more calm! He's actually been amazing!!!! I feel like I have a much deeper connection with him and it's amazing!!!! I've been riding him no big issues! Today I rode with a halter! And trust him! I'm bringing him home this week so 🤞🏼!

It was so funny the day I told her (horse trainer) about everything I learned about Kevin and I swear Kevin knew what I was saying because he kept rubbing on me and nodding his head.... Like 'omg, yes, now you know what I know so let's move on' was amazing.

It really has changed my life! Also after (you) worked on my energy.... My back stopped hurting... And hasn't hurt (my lower back and hip) since we talked! It's literally like magic!

Dianne Shepler (Texas)
A true psychic gift solved an unusual problem with my dog

SueAnn definitely took the time with a lot of patience to get through a chaotic energy problem with my 10 month old Labrador and myself. Her responses definitely made me know she had connected, and although I was surprised by the answers, I knew everything fell in line with what I was seeing at home. Energy became calmer after the session. Many thanks. Will definitely use again

Thanks so much, Dianne!

Rice, Pat (Texas)
talk and energy work

Thank-you for helping me realize where my grief was coming from and that it did not all belong to Rocky, As we were talking I could feel the energy work you were applying flowing thru me. I have a lot of work to do on my own but will call on you again for more help soon.

I look forward to it! It was my pleasure and thank you very much SA