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Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Animal Communication, Healing Energy Help for You & All Your Animals

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My Approach is Solution Oriented, Spiritually Based & Involves High Vibrational Energies + Vast Pure Light Spirit Help.

What comes through will represent what's needed for your highest good that moment in time.  It may include:  key guidance & information, messages from your own Spirit Team (including passed loved ones), pertinent past life information, communications from your animals (past/present) & more + a good dose of Healing Energy Help.  This process often clears up your own perspective, leaves you more centered with a greater sense of overall well-being & generally "lifts you up."  Most clients feel what's transpired.  Sometimes in big ways :D

I appreciate you spending your valuable resources using my services!  I'm mindful of what you want covered, yet cannot control what Spirit sends your way via me ;-) Trusting the process of how my work "works" over the years has served me & my clients really well.    Brief follow up questions for clarity & confirmation are considered part of your purchase.  Just email or text.

I love my Spirit Gig!  Click Email Sue Ann to say hi or ask questions. 


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Level Ups and The Big Guns

Physical chest pains were subsided and lead to learning about a past life! SA has helped me with many physical ailments that stem from energies underneath since I was 15...I'm now 23! ;)
We also pulled out the Big Bouncer Spirit Team to set things straight and I am so grateful for their (and her) support and protection! Personally dealing with deceased loved one in highest and healthiest ways, I know I can ALWAYS trust SA to have my Back. Thank you!!

My Pleasure!!! I appreciate you being my client for so many years. It's been a treat :D
Sue Ann is the Real Deal!!

(Posted 12/29/15) She did a dead-on reading on my horse, then worked with my horse's chiropractor on what needed to be done, and it was awesome!! I have had amazing results with the Cur-Ost Product she sells! I had a horse kicking and rocking the trailer, and after 1 week on Stomach & Adapt, it stopped! I am a true believer in the product!!

I've used others...

(Posted 1/4/17) I've used others before finding you...but you're quicker, more precise, more in depth.

Big Relief & Mucho Cleansing!!!

(Posted 4/15/2016) The timing could not have been more spot on today! Feeling more like myself after Sue Ann's help, she is persistent and precise in her energy work and I always feel I am in good hands whether it is with me, or my horse, or my dog =]. She has helped us so much!! Outward pains are soothed and inner confusion has been made more clear with her feedback =]. Love her to pieces, thanks again!

Feel Lighter

(Posted 8/17/16) Feel lighter, less constricted...can breathe better...chest & back of neck feel better!

COMMON SENSE REMINDER:  I offer services & items in the spirit of helping others with Integrity.  Always consult & work with appropriate medical, legal, healthcare, other professionals & practitioners needed by you, your animals & business for your own well being, best benefit & highest good.  Follow your own judgment, guidance, intuition & heart as you see fit.  Your life is your own Journey as it should be.  Happy Journey! 

BOTTOM LINE:  My policies are Integrity & Make It Right.  Click:  Policies to view all in full.  

YOUR SATISFACTION: If you are unhappy with your purchase or experience, please contact me immediately for a pronto satisfactory fix to the best of my ability.  Click:  Email Sue Ann. 

RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS & RESCHEDULING: If you need to return an item I personally sell, cancel/reschedule an appointment/service or simply have changed your mind, please contact me immediately.  I'll issue a refund as needed or reschedule without additional charge.  I'd rather make a courtesy accommodation or part ways amicably if need be.  Email Email Sue Ann. 

FINAL NOTE:  Although I reserve the right to change these policies & practices without notice, I prefer cultivating happy, quality clients with the long haul in mind :)  

Thanks for stopping by! ~SA~

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The myrrh oil smells amazing...Just used the myrrh and Sumatra Blue Amber first time, and they are super strong! The oil immediately calmed down things around me energy wise, and helped ground me quickly! I also used it on my shoulders and back of neck, and started on my third eye. I placed the amber on my left crook where shoulder and neck meet and felt warm energy around my heart. Now my heart area is aching, and I put some myrrh oil on it after I finished up. This is going to be really cool....

"Hug" & Tingling

(7/17/17 Comments re: Healing Energy Work via Messaging Communications only :D) I felt your energy so so healing like a hug from a family member, then tingling all around my head...then overwhelming urge to fall asleep haha! I'm still tinglinggggggg...feels like the lovely rush of joy from hanging from a tree...thank you for your magic, you've made my day.

Good Energy

(5/26/17 Comments) You did a good job of blessing the amber...has brought me mucho luck...Could feel good energy from all the pieces & I love them...Thanks!

Zoom & Bloom

(Posted March 2017) I absolutely Love this Nuummite wand. It has honestly and effortlessly brought my meditations to the next level. I notice new flashes and sparkles in it almost everyday! This piece is powerful and quickly helps me get focused and grounded. Most noticeably, this piece clears up my psychic vision almost the instant I pick it up, and helps me stretch my intentions swiftly further than before! Finally, this special piece seems to help keep me "sailing straight" ;) by helping me keep my intentions truly clear. If I need support to keep my Integrity thriving, my Nuummite is happy and present..awaiting me to ask for help! Grateful for our bringing together, Thanks Sue Ann!!


I love ❤️ my new special stone helper! His name is Hawkeye and I keep him close to my heart.