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Blessings, 2024 Intuitive Messages & Holiday Fun

Blessings, Intuitive Messages & Holiday Fun 🎄 - SueAnnTexas.Com & The Shoppe

Special Holiday Greetings!!  I Intuitively Picked the eCards Below then Channeled a Special Message to Discover in Each One.  See What Card(s) You Feel "Called To" for Your Personal Message(s)... I Hope the Magical Scenes, Games to Play & Holiday Tunes Help You Remember Your Wonder & Gratefulness, Too.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happiest Holiday Season to All Clients, Subscribers & Online Visitors.  The 1st Card has A Channeled Message for Everyone in 2024.  Linger as Long as You Like & Please Enjoy!  Holiday Hugs, SA

Hi There... I've Intuitively picked some special digital Holiday Cards then channeled the Intuitive Message that's meant to go with each one.  Whatever draws you in, click & open it.  Note that you can click below the scene to skip to the end of the video.  Some have games to play & you can also click below to turn off the tunes while having fun...  I've particularly infused each card with High Vibe Energies... If you like, be open & soak it up in case it's just what you need!

Courtesy Note & Fun Info:  All cards are from, a small, tightly knit UK based company of relatives, friends & some lucky others that regularly incorporate their own animals, local cottages, local choir music, beloved animals passed on, things cherished from childhood, etc. into their creations of eCards, Advent Calendars, Other Items & Apps.  Fun to note that the brown Labrador impishly appearing often, is Chudleigh & was Ms. Lawson's cherished dog.

One More Fun Note / Believe in Magical Life:  I read something saying that the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius is the sign of "Father Christmas."  It was by Yasmin Boland & she was saying something a little bit tongue in cheek about watching the sky the 1st night of Sagittarius Season because of that.  Something about it really jumped out at me Intuitively, so I marked my calendar just in case of ....whatever.  On the 1st night of Sag Season recently (11/22) I happened to be at the barn after dark, almost forgetting about my calendar note, then I saw --- I kid you not --- a very long, low, almost horizontally arcing Shooting Star.... as if Santa was streaking across the sky!  Holy Moly Magical... Just saying...!!  Life is so much more fun if you're open to it, you might find yourself surprised ☺️


Special Greetings... Wherever you are in the world, whatever you celebrate... This 1st Card has a Channeled Message for Everyone in 2024! Santa's Flight & Special Channeled Message for Everyone!


Click Other Pictures, Find Messages, Play Games & Enjoy! The Peacock Tree
with Special Channeled Message White Christmas
with Special Channeled Message Hidden Objects Game
with Special Channeled Message Snow Angel Card
with Special Channeled Message Silent Night Card
with Special Channeled Message The Swan Card
with Special Channeled Message Northern Lights Note
Card with Special Channeled Message Santa's Surprise
Game with Special Channeled Message Christmas Pelmanism
Play & Message Appears at The Very End!


I Hope You Enjoyed This & Find Something Helpful, Meaningful & Uplifting...

I Channeled These Messages in The Spirit of Helping Others with Integrity.

However, Please Remember that Your Life is Your Journey to Choose... Always!



I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!
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