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Updated March 18, 2018


Chiapas Amber is somewhat available yet considered rare...often displaying uncommon transparency + an array of not often seen colors, including rare blues & greens.  Spirit purposely lead me to find & offer it.  I spent a weekend with them chanting "Chiapas, Chiapas, Chiapas" to me.  So I paid attention!

Hailing from the Chiapas State of southern Mexico, it is fairly difficult to acquire.  Still mined by Mayan descendants (local Tzotzil people) with arduous effort, the small lots I acquire stateside have been hand polished without power tools or tumbler. Love that!  The American who sources & sells these pieces has developed local contacts & even mines pieces himself occasionally.  Cool Cultural Note: Recipes for Healing Salves, etc. (using leftover powder from polishing Chiapas) have been passed down through 100's of years.  It's documented that various indigenous people of Mexico used amber for trade, ceremonial purposes, purported protective qualities, incense & more throughout history.  Spanish conquistadors reportedly told of the Aztec emperor Montezuma stirring his chocolate with an amber spoon.  It became known to the "modern" world in the early 1950's when an ex-oil industry worker turned Mayan Authority & Archeologist (Frans Blom of Denmark) became aware of the local amber deposits.  Being an isolated & difficult to reach area, greater availability of this particular amber did not occur until around the 1990's or to some degree a bit earlier (1970's) from what I can tell. 

Spirit guides me to make most of the pieces into powerful yet beautiful pendants for wearing close to your skin or over clothing.  So far they've graced top level office meetings, various horse shows & even casinos for reported "mucha suerta!" (Yep.)  I've sourced high-quality 1mm leather string, colored with only natural dyes for wearing.  Looking great to wear keeps 'em handy to touch & connect with energetically as needed.   Being fossilized resin containing both Ancient Tree & Earth Energies, all Amber tends to be stabilizing, nurturing, grounding, protective & have a wisdom healing & soothing vibes to boot.  I think beginning as one thing (resin of a living tree) that is "reincarnated" into a new form lends all types of amber an energy conducive to "looking back at prior states of being" & "the building blocks" of ongoing situations, including old family histories, dynamics & past lives.  The main energetic properties of Chiapas that I'm Intuitively aware of so far are: "Psychically Protective" "Healing with Greater Ease" "Fostering Removal of Harmful Past Life Energies" "bringing Clarity, Vitality, Stamina, Abundance, Calming, Healing &/or Festivity ;-) "  Additionally, I feel a "Light Warrior" Vibe with Chiapas that haven't felt with other Amber.  Each piece's color & shape will have bearing on this.  Spirit has asked me to additionally convey they are all "special & a bit unique, given their geographic origins being predisposed to energies of 'Ancient Ingenuity!' & living closely with 'The Land.' "  I'm truly intrigued with Chiapas & still becoming acquainted with these Ancient Spirits.

Please note I rub each piece with my own Myrrh Attar Oil for even more Healing, Protecting, Spiritually Elevating Vibes.  This specially charged Resin Oil helps amp up the Chiapas' Energy overall, yet may lend even more help for exploring past lives &/or "Ancestral Wounds," I'm being told Intuitively.  (I was literally vibrating as I typed that!)  Diving into your past in either form can help reveal important Spiritual Insights.  Cool!  Both originate as tree being recent, one being ancient.  I sense that's part of what makes this combo groove so well.  One helps bring forward the gifts of the other while creating a loving, earthy synergy.  Gotta love it!  This particular Myrrh Oil surprisingly enlivens these pieces & takes their vibes to a new level in my experience!  For the Special Myrrh article click:  Special Myrrh Attar Oil 

For Current Listings Click: All Amber including Chiapas Amber

While placing my last order, this unique skull pendant "called out" to me till I found it ;-)  As soon as my order was completed, he gregariously came through Intuitively & kept making me laugh with funny images of him + indicated he would "get my back!"  Thanks Charlie Chiapas for that & for helping expand my 1st hand knowledge of Ancient Chiapas Amber.  Gotta love it!

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