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May 5, 2017 ☆ Updated May 4, 2021
Chiapas Amber is somewhat available yet considered a bit rare...often displaying uncommon, stunning transparency & sometimes an array of colors (under certain lighting) not usually seen in other Amber varieties..... including beautiful rare green & even teal blueish hues.
Chiapas Amber at
Fabulous Pocket Piece I Sold then Wish I'd Kept!!
They come in an array of sumptuous honey colors, some rich & deeply hued, as well as cognac colors, yet also really sunny yellows!
.....All in its natural state..... untreated like many Ambers!
Chiapas Amber at
Super Clear & Bright Golden Yellow
Photo Does Not Do It Justice!
Spirit lead me to find out about Chiapas Amber with purpose so I could use & share their wonderful energies.  I spent a weekend with Spirit chanting "Chiapas, Chiapas, Chiapas!" to me, Intuitively..... I got the point, I follow my Spirit Orders, I found the right source & ordered some for myself, as well as clients ;-))  It has ended up being one of my own Crystal staples with adored pieces being shared with y'all in The Shoppe.  Chiapas tends to have an Ancient Tribal vibe to it, in good ways, in my experience..... then is interestingly typically coupled with some sort of "Happy" or "Sunny" vibe.  Cool Combo, I think!!  I've had some gorgeous cognac colored Chiapas that was highly Protective, too!
Chiapas Amber Necklace @
Protective & Gorgeous Necklace!
Also, I tend to feel some sort of "Light Warrior" Vibe with Chiapas that I haven't felt with other Amber varieties.
Only found in the Mexican State of Chiapas (located on the Pacific Coast, near Guatemala) it is considered fairly difficult to acquire.  Still mined by local Mayan descendants, the Tzotzil, with reportedly arduous effort, the small lots I acquire stateside have most often been hand polished without power tools or tumbler..... just via the indigenous artisans handiwork who have worked with & used it themselves for centuries.  Love that!  The American source I mostly use has developed local contacts / friends & even mines pieces himself occasionally..... As a nice Intuitive side bar, I sense his dealings & true care of these folks is real.  Reportedly becoming known to the "modern" world for the 1st time in the early 1950's, Danish oil industry worker turned Mayan Enthusiast & Archeologist (Frans Blom) became aware of local amber deposits during his pursuits.  Being an isolated & difficult to reach area, greater availability of this particular amber supposedly did not occur until around the 1990's or to some degree a bit earlier (1970's?) from what I can tell researching around.  Interestingly, the state of Chiapas is also home to noted Mayan ruins, including the storied & mystical Palenque!  I once read that recipes for Healing Salves, Drinks, etc. using powder left over from the polishing process have been passed down through 100's of years, then lost the link to that article & the rest of its intriguing information!!
Generally regarding Amber from Mexico & "Columbian Amber" / Copal, it's documented that various indigenous people used it for trade, ceremonial purposes, purported protective qualities, incense & more throughout ancient history..... Use & reverence of crystals / "special stones" has commonly been noted (if not always noted?!) about the world's various historic cultures & through history's timelines.  Spanish conquistadors reportedly told of the Aztec emperor Montezuma stirring his chocolate with an amber spoon!  Generally regarding Amber, all varieties are fully fossilized tree resin & do not have any Crystalline Structure to them, hence the lighter weight..... making them great for wearing as pendants & necklaces!  (Most of us Crystal folks include it as part of the "Crystal World" though it's technically not a Crystal.)  Copal from around the world, is not as old nor fully fossilized, so technically not Amber, but an evolving version of it, so to speak.  I think beginning as one thing (resin of a living tree) that is "reincarnated" into a new form & purpose lends all types of Amber conducive to "looking back at prior states of being" & "the building blocks" of ongoing situations..... including old family histories, personal dynamics & even past lives, to heal what should be healed..... How does "what was then" tie to "the now & needed Healing?"   I personally wear Amber pendant(s) nearly daily, ChiapasSumatra BlueIn my experience, higher vibe varieties of Amber have wonderful Ancient Tree & Earth Energies, tend to be Stabilizing, Grounding, Protective, Soothing & Healing with a Sprinkle of "Wise Old Sage" Vibes!
Chiapas Amber Pendant at
This Stunner Had Very Cool "Jaguar" Vibes!

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