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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
~ Updated June 13, 2022 for Your Benefit ~

AA Muriel is one for everyone to get to know & to call upon!!  She is the ArchAngel for the Month of June, for "Moon Folks" (Sun Sign Cancer), Empaths, Intuition & more!  I have included something new this time for y'all...  An energetically infused picture & meditation video to use & connect with Muriel anytime.  I highly recommend reading on, you don't want to miss out...

Last year was a "5" year in numerology (2+0+2+1=5)... which tends to embody changes (unexpected ones in my experience) & "movement" among other things.  This isn't necessarily bad at all, but I know it was intense for many...  Oh my, I wonder what it would have been like IF I had already known Muriel better, then!  (Note to self!!)  This year, then, is a "6" year (2+0+2+2=6) & AA Muriel happens to resonate with the number 6, among other things.  Given that this is a 6 month in a 6 year, it's an extra propitious time to start connecting!  (In numerology it's not just the 6th month, it is a 3 "Universal Month" via 6 month + 6 year = 12 then 1+2 = 3 Energies which carry some sort of "moving on" vibes, some how some way, in my personal experience.)
Here are some basics about Muriel I resonate with that are considered common knowledge,
plus what I have learned first hand, refined Intuitively &/or also channeled, so far:
Muriel resonates with 6
Is the ArchAngel for June
Is the Angel for Moon Folks / Cancerians
Is associated with Intuition
Is One to Call On for Peace & Harmony
Helps People, Plants & Animals
Is Very Compassionate & Nuturing
Watches Over Empaths & Extra Sensitive Ones
May Also Help with Beautiful "Family" & "Home"
She's Associated with Flowers & Myrrh
Her Name Means "Perfume of God"
May Give Messages Using Scent, Real or Intuitive
Great to Call In for Emotionally Charged Situations
Represented by Lilac to Pink to Rosey to Deep Garnet Hues...
& Generally Grooves with Similarly Colored Crystals**
Also Represented by "Pearl Type" Hues & Mother of Pearl
Energies I've Seen with Her: Very "Fluffy" Pink & Some White
Great for "Calm Knowing & Peaceful Balance"...
Heart Centeredness / Coming from Your Heart
Use AA Muriel, AA Barachiel & AA Uriel Together for Heart Matters!
I've experienced Muriel's lovely energies to be very soft & "FLUFFY" ......I don't know another way to describe it!  I had a distinct Intuitive Image of soft pink cotton candy looking energies in front of me.  She's full of NURTURING vibes yet also has a penchant for those "Brave enough to operate with a Big, Kind Heart Loyal to The Highest Good... She will support you exponentially in Kind Ways back..."  Additionally, "if you've not been appreciated for these efforts, she will help steer you around those who intend to 'harm your efforts'... Remain Steadfast, SHE WILL HELP IF YOU LET HER...The more you help yourself, the more compelled she may be to help you!!"  "She truly appreciates those willing & striving to help themselves."  "Muriel 'matches you' to your own level of Fearlessness..."  She spontaneously called in help for me while I was meditating recently which made me chuckle, as well as be so very Grateful... it was 2 Light Spirits but from the Real Bad A## realm of things (that I was familiar with) & I saw her, Intuitively, off to my left with an interesting energy & intent about her.  Thank You, Muriel!  I was told they were brought in to help me & to help me be able to help myself even better, which is "one of the keys to Self Healing, Self Love, Self Empowerment & Self Care."
In sum, so far, I find Muriel to be comforting & soothing... one that very quietly observes from off to the side or behind you to see exactly what you need, how she can best lend a hand or what to convey to you to help.  To me, she seems very understated & may communicate in a very understated, almost subliminal way.  Having said that, she is not shy or one to cower when needed & may even help summon you up, in times of need, to be your next level, more elevated self... And even bring in the extra bad a## help when she feels you've done enough & it's time for her to "put her foot" down to help end something unworthy & past its time to be over for the Highest Good ;-)  I'm also learning to specifically ask AA Muriel, when I flat cannot figure out what else to do... "What CAN I do myself to make it (whatever "it" is) better right now, this minute....?"  She may reply immediately with a few words or an image as she has done for me!  The descriptor "Empowered & Stately Grace" just popped into mind... what more can I say for now?!
The post header picture above, plus a 6 minute 6 second meditation video below, are highly infused with Special Muriel Energies & so much more!  I'm being told the energies will adjust to everyone's needs.  The music is angelic, uplifting & inspiring... so try listening with good headphones / earbuds & see what happens.  Whether gazing at the picture (try it as a screensaver / background!) or using the video sincere, open & aware... take it in... and, again, see what happens.  When working with Muriel, if you don't sense anything after you've given it a few quiet moments, then politely ask AA Muriel, "What can I do this moment to make things better?"  You might be surprised by what happens.  It may be quick, so pay attention & say your thanks.
Feel free to right click / download the picture & print it out to have the energies that way, too.  Enjoy the meditation here or at YouTube.  The voice over is pretty soft spoken & sparse on purpose... I wanted Muriel's presence to shine through as much as possible on its own.  Some parts are lower volume, but you will still hear it subconsciously & take it in.  Here's the Meditation Transcript...
Hi There ~ Welcome
ArchAngel Muriel is Here!
Exhale ~ Relax ~ Enjoy
Stay in Heart ~ Out of Head
Receive...... All You Should
~ BE ~
Let Muriel Work WITH YOU...
Observe from HEART
Ask Muriel, "What can I do this moment to make things better?"
Sincerely Give Thanks
~ Sit with Things As Long As You Like ~ Thank You! ~
I didn't think I was quite ready to create a meditation for y'all, but apparently Spirit said, "Yes, now!"  So I did it quickly as guided... with all its imperfections!  I've had some wonderful experiences with it & I hope y'all do too!!  Apparently, this is another way I'm meant to offer my help.  Multiple Layers of energies have been put into it over several days... At first I stood back & let Muriel work with it, then I put some energy work into it myself.  Later I did extensive work with it plus infused it with the energies of a special Myrrh & Frankincense, Palo Santo & my favorite smudge crammed with 6 (yes, there's "6" again!) wonderful things, Rose Quartz, an Angel Winged shaped piece of Pink Shell with Mother of Pearl on the inside (which turned into a wonderful & Gracefully Protective outer shell of energy!), Selenite, Llanite from Texas, High Vibe Himalayan Quartz from Tibet & India, Angel Aura Quartz plus a sort of rare Green Petrified Wood from the Mojave Desert with unique healing vibrations (I love it,  there's only 1 guy sourcing & selling it. More to come, later!)  At one point when I was doing Energy Work, Muriel partnered with me & worked simultaneously... it brought me to tears, twice, in a good way!  Other very cool things happened during the work, but I want to leave the slate clean enough for y'all to listen & have your own experience with it as it should be!

Enjoy AA Muriel's Goodness Galore & Quiet Strength!! ~SA~

~ Comments Welcomed ~

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Music Credit:  Mystic Dawn - The Awakening by Christopher Lloyd Clarke @  Licensed by Enlightened Audio

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