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Should You Work with Me? What Others Said to Consider

Should You Work with Me? What Others Said to Consider - SueAnnTexas.Com & The Shoppe
Hi There!  Spirit asked me to post some quick guidance in case you're musing about:  1.) What the heck is this metaphysical work like, anyway?!  2.) Is this stuff too nutty?!  3.) Who the heck is Sue Ann?!!  4.) What's it like to work with her?!! etc., etc., etc.....
Spirit then asked me to text some clients for a quickie poll of sorts for y'all... Asking them to send back immediate gut reaction, "off the cuff" words & phrases regarding working with me, the work itself, etc. to copy & paste into this post, which I did verbatim. (Big Thanks, Y'all!)
Here's everything they sent back:




Healing of Spirit & Soul.

Therapeutic... Bringing a sense of calmness.

Simultaneously very encouraging & grounding.

A couple of them threw back full blown quotes (Big Thanks, again!!):

Sessions, for me, always end with acceptance of what I can't control & the peace that comes with letting go of the need to.

Sue Ann has been a huge blessing in my life. She has helped me with horses, dogs, husband and my bird and been 100% accurate every single time.  She is compassionate, cheerful, uplifting and a huge help to my family.  I highly recommend working with Sue Ann to any and everyone.

I think it's important to note:  You should choose who you feel most aligned with, who "just feels like your person," who you're comfortable with at a deep level, plus flat out Enjoy working with no matter what!  I'm pretty much a practical person flowing with Pure Light "Things Unseen," Spiritual & pretty darn Magical at times, as well as, literally slinging manure out of horse stalls, doing my biz book work myself, enjoying my horses & keeping a wondrous, often humorous, stance regarding life!  I appreciate the interesting juxtaposition & balance of it all..... someone else's description of me years ago (with a chuckle) was "a walking oxymoron who should literally be swinging from the chandeliers (from being so otherworldly attuned) but is actually one of the most grounded & logical people I know.... it blows my mind."  All of this melds together somehow & puts me in a really good spot for working with most all who truly want to Elevate themselves..... from the not so overtly or publicly "woo woo metaphysical" at all to the "already tuned in" lay person & all the way up to working with other top metaphysical professionals.  I can hang with the best of them, so to speak, yet relate well with all levels of clients from all sorts of backgrounds.  
I didn't start off living in this "Mystical World," but I've profoundly let it be my own while purposely maintaining a connection to & operating within the "Regular World."  It simply makes sense to me to be grounded & free in BOTH worlds so I can really be my most ultimate, most top notch self.  Everyone has the opportunity to develop their own, Innate Intuition & other Metaphysical Inclinations to help Navigate & Enrich their lives... And I LOVE helping others with that!  This Metaphysical Gig is my Path of Service & a huge part of my overall purpose this lifetime.... Big Thanks to those who are already my Clients!!
I've been at this 24+ years professionally.  I'm "self-taught" in a way with Pure Light Spirits being my Real Teachers.  (Thanks!!)  This is a way of life & a Real Journey for me.  I still totally enjoy each "Aha!!" moment & daily refinement.
I hope this helped!! ~SA~

I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!
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