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Should You Work with Me?! What Do Others Say?! Some Tidbits to Know & Things to Consider ;-) 4 Minute Read

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

Hi There!  Spirit asked me to post some quick guidance in case you're musing about:  1.) What the heck is this metaphysical work like, anyway!?!!  2.) Is this stuff too nutty?!  3.) Who the heck is Sue Ann?!!  4.) Why would I want to try this stuff?!!  etc., etc., etc....

Spirit then asked me to text a handful of clients for a quickie poll of sorts for y'all... Asking them to send back gut reaction, "off the cuff" words & phrases regarding working with me, the work itself, etc. to copy & paste into this post, which I did verbatim. (Big Thanks, Y'all!)


Here's everything they sent back:




Healing of Spirit & Soul.

Therapeutic... Bringing a sense of calmness.

Simultaneously very encouraging & grounding.

A couple of them threw back full blown quotes (Big Thanks, again!!):

Sessions, for me, always end with acceptance of what I can't control & the peace that comes with letting go of the need to.

Sue Ann has been a huge blessing in my life. She has helped me with horses, dogs, husband and my bird and been 100% accurate every single time.  She is compassionate, cheerful, uplifting and a huge help to my family.  I highly recommend working with Sue Ann to any and everyone.

I think it's important to note:  You should choose exactly who you feel most aligned with, who "just feels like your person," who you're comfortable with at a deep level, plus flat out Enjoy working with no matter what!  I'm basically a practical & regular person... Balancing my life between a multitude of "Things Unseen," Spiritual & pretty darn Magical at times with literally slinging manure out of horse stalls, doing my biz book work, training with & competing with my horses, etc. & keeping a wondrous plus often humorous stance regarding life!  I appreciate the interesting juxtaposition & balance of it all.  Hence, someone else's description of me years ago (with a chuckle) as "a walking oxymoron who should literally be swinging from the chandeliers (from being so otherworldly attuned) but is actually one of the most grounded & logical people I know.... it blows my mind." (Thanks for that & for making me laugh!!)  I feel all of this melds together somehow & puts me in a really good spot for working with all types of people... from the not so overtly or publicly "woo woo metaphysical" at all to the "already tuned in" lay person & all the way up to working with other top metaphysical professionals.  I can be "really out there" & hang with the best of them, so to speak, yet relate well with all levels of clients from all sorts of backgrounds.  

I didn't start off living in this "Mystical World," but I've made it my own while purposely maintaining a connection to & operating in the "Regular World."  It simply makes sense to me to be grounded & free in BOTH worlds so I can really be my most ultimate, top notch self.  Personally, I would never go back to living without all my "Divine Tools." I think everyone has the opportunity to develop their own, Innate Intuition & other Metaphysical Inclinations to help Navigate & Enrich their lives... And I LOVE helping others do it!!  This whole Metaphysical Gig is my Path of Service in the world & a huge part of my overall purpose this lifetime.... Big Hugs & Big Thanks to those who are already my Clients!!

I've been at this for 24+ years for the public, at this point.  I'm largely "self-taught."  Pure Light Spirits have been my teachers all along.  (Thanks, guys!!!!)  I WOULD DO ALL THAT I DO, ANYWAY, to observe, listen, learn daily for myself, animals & life EVEN IF I didn't do this professionally, YET I'm so Glad & Grateful that I DO get to work with some of Y'All!  It's a way of life for me & the Incredible Journey never ends.... I still totally enjoy all the "Aha!!" moments & upward spiraling refinements happening daily.

I hope this helped!!  You can delve in (or just dip a toe!) if you think we're a fit.  Click Phone Appointment or Emailed Reading.  Click The Shop to browse "the whole enchilada."  ;-)  If you want to read more, click Welcome & Helpful Notes from Sue Ann.  Click Email Sue Ann to ask questions or to just say hi!

My "Over The Moon Happy" Assurances grant a Pronto Fix regarding any purchase if needed!! ~SA~

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