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Himalayan Quartz with Uplifting Energies, Heart Shape, Pink Tint & Rainbow!

$ 60.00

Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energy Infusion Just for You!
Himalayan Quartz HC #1
KEY ENERGIES: Heart Centeredness, Blissful Peace, Groundedness within Your Own Spiritual Values plus High Vibe Clarity to Help You Discover Your Best Spiritual Path & Self Understanding Gracefully!

This Sparkly, Uplifting Crystal Helper is almost Heart shaped & emits Loving, Calming yet strong High Vibes laced with the Kindest, most Timeless Vibes of Ancient Wisdom!  Energies so typical of  Samadhis, this piece resonates energetically as a Himalayan Pink Samadhi yet is not documented as such, so sells at a better price!  It has a few tiny inclusions that appear to be Green Chlorite & Red Hematite.  I sense this one will help you find your own Spiritual Path & learn to "Resonate with Your Own Soul's Calling" better.  Very Cool!!  If you're a Spiritual Seeker or sense you're stumbling through life a bit, imagine holding this quietly to see if it "feels" like yours.  When I dabbed a little Myrrh Attar Oil, Real Himalayan Amber Oil & High Vibe Himalayan Cedar Oil on just the points' tips, its energies immediately woke up, as if to say "Wow! Come find me now!!"  Have a question?  Click the "Reviews & Ask" tab above to email me quickly.  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Hover or click picture for enlarged detail.  Approximately 5" x 3" x 1 3/4."  Crystal TLC download is immediately available upon completing your purchase.  Your special Intuitive Reading will be emailed after purchase.  Please allow up to 3 days.

Note: This piece is part of a lucky wholesale purchase, from a reliable source, only labeled as Himalayan Crystals from India.  When tested against a Pink Samadhi of my own, the energies clearly matched, while not matching with several of my regular Himalayans.  Pink Samadhis are known to come from a particular, very high elevation location dubbed "Valley of The Gods."  Wherever it was actually mined, this is truly a lovely, very High Vibrational Crystal to Cherish for a lifetime. ~SA~


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58 reviews

Just as pictured!! An amazing piece!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Evelia!!!! I'm so glad it's with your family now :)) ~SA~
Lovely Pendant

Love wearing it!!!

Woo Hoo & Thanks for Letting Me Know!!! I'm so glad that piece found its Special Person. ~SA~
Coming Back for More!!!

Energetically this oil is amazing, it has sooooo many benefits. Healing Spiritual and Physical Challenges. I use in for orthopedic challenges on several parts of my body.
Heartfelt thanks SA, for another awesome product.

Thank you so much for letting me know how this is working for you, LInda, and for taking the time to let others know how you feel about it too! Big Hugs ~SA~
Crystal Concierge Order for CK :D
Special Attention and Service

Sue Ann provided me yet again with exceptional personalized service and attention to detail. I appreciate how she takes the time to really focus in on items she is sending out from her shop in consideration of the intended recipients. Her connection to Spirit and interest in channeling the right energy for the best outcomes for her customers is truly noteworthy. I also am always pleased with the quality of the items purchased. Thanks Sue Ann!

Huge Thanks for your trust, repeat biz, feedback + cool photo, Cindy!!!! ~SA~

Very Powerful Energetically