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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

I was asked recently >> "Do you ever get on the phone with a client (for an appointment) and realize... I've got nothing, my mind is a blank, I have no messages or anything to share?!!"  Ha!  That might be a hoot yet pretty uncomfortable at the same time!!  (Chuckle.)

The Answer >> Not yet!!  I tend to schedule appointments Intuitively... meaning I tend to get a pretty darn good Intuitive Sense for what feels right when looking at the calendar, when considering a client's schedule requests or I may even hear, Intuitively, a specific day / date / time to shoot for or to avoid... which I do!  I do think this helps keep everything in the best flow, right energies, in sync with the Divine Workings of things, etc.  I live my life Intuitively & help myself by following Divine Guidance, Signs, inklings day & night... my Biz is all about using my Intuition, Psychic Medium abilities, feeling Energies, etc... so it makes perfect sense to use it in the course of conducting my business & dealing with Clients.  That's what I think, at least!  (Chuckle, again.)  I better be "Walking that Talk & Proudly, right?!!"  Or consider looking for another purpose ;-)  Occasionally, either I or the client will need to reschedule or things just won't shape up right... and I always know it's for the best somehow.  Once in a rare Blue Moon, I'll get the feeling to cancel with a client & I know that serves its purpose, too.  The bottom line is I shoot for it to be right for the client, for me, the work that needs to be done & the most optimal timing for it!

A Reassurance to Note >> Along with handling phone appointments & channeling emailed readings when the timing feels most right.... it's also good to note that a message will not come through for you unless it's the right time.  Yep!  So, if it does come through, you can handle it, were meant to hear it & can have all the Divine Help you want & need to absorb, process, prepare, run with it, etc.  This includes super happy messages all the way down to the more difficult ones.  Remember:  There's a Higher Reason for EVERYTHING!  That's my experience & the point that's been driven home to me repeatedly by Pure Light Spirit for 25+ years!  It's been mind-blowing & unbelievably cool to catch glimpses here & there of how things can work so intricately & perfectly!!

Thanks for the great musing & borderline humorous scenario, BJ!!

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Ancient horse

Love my horse statue!! SueAnn is the best!

Thank you, thank you! So glad you love it!!
All things

I am fortunate enough to have made the first call. Sue Ann is a great teacher, guide, and listener. Sue Ann offers much more than just a reading, a nice surprise.

Appreciate your thoughts & feedback for myself & others, Becky!!!
Another Great Experience

The all-inclusive phone appointment is well named - it covers a lot of ground! I had certain concerns that I wanted to discuss with Sue Ann. She addressed all of them and had insights on so many other issues too! She is so generous with her time and is so positive, supportive and encouraging - it's like talking with a good friend who really wants the best for you. We did energy work on the call as well. I wasn't initially sure what it was or what to expect, but the day after the call I could absolutely feel a huge shift - like someone opened a big window inside and let in all of this energy and light. Can't recommend Sue Ann enough. Any time that you spend with her is a gift!

Many thanks, Dianne!!! You have been a joy to work with, are greatly appreciated & I am so glad we found each other... Big Hugs! ~SA~
Love, Love, Love!

I just love it... I love the smell & it just makes me feel good! I love the smell & energy both... I'm not sure why yet, but it all seems to go together well for me!!

Great Experience - Don't be Nervous!!

If you are like me, you might be nervous about accessing SueAnn's unique expertise, but you definitely don't have to be. SueAnn is the real deal. She'll explain everything, she's incredibly warm and responsive and clearly cares for her clients as much as their animals. SueAnn worked with me via email and reached out to my dog who passed in 2012 (or more accurately, he reached out to her)! The experience brought me a great deal of peace and comfort and helped heal a long-open wound caused by his loss. Highly recommend SueAnn!!

Thanks so much, Dianne!! It was my complete pleasure to connect with you & beloved doggie companion. Truly! Big Thanks for helping others (& my shop) with your candid & thorough review. Hugs ~SA~