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I wholeheartedly leaped into my life purpose July 1996 giving traditional life, 11 year business career & University Degree the boot!  After developing Intuitive & Psychic Abilities for my own use, real abilities regarding Metaphysical Energy suddenly surfaced in full force.  Woo Hoo & Thank You :)
My first
30 years or so didn't include such things!  Working diligently to develop these things for myself, I was surprised to realize this was my professional calling, too.  B
eing largely self-taught is one of my greatest assets.  Always refining abilities for my personal use, translates positively into client work too.  I'm solution oriented, work with all situations & operate from a strong Spiritual Base.  I cover it all for people & animals!  I tend to work efficiently, put clients at ease & maintain client relationships long term.  Confidentiality is a given.  This profession is a natural fit for me & I am happy to be here!


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Tidbits:  My animals get bummed when I don't converse with them like people.  Helpful Spirits & Ancestors often show up as visible light orbs, sparks & streaks around me.  Yep!   Other Personal Passion:  Competing as a NCHA Non Pro/Amateur with my Horse Compadres :)


Thanks for stopping by & Hugs!  ~ Sue Ann 

I appreciate this journey & massive Pure Light Spirit Help all around me in all its forms!  

TRY MEDITATION!  I've shared 2 tracks here plus a thunderstorm track for cleansing energies :)