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ArchAngel Barachiel Inspiration & Miracles of Heart!

ArchAngel Barachiel Inspiration & Miracles of Heart! - SueAnnTexas.Com & The Shoppe

Well... ArchAngel Barachiel has asked me to share a few more things on his behalf :D  He indicates he is a "Heart Healer."  (Love It!!)  He says he can (wants to!) help EACH of us "clean out our Heart Chakras!!!!!!" ....which instantly came across as a Whirlwind of Lovely Energetic Spring Cleaning.  "This is the Root of many problems," he continues, "to hang on to old ideas, wrong ideas, misunderstandings, old & heavy energies which can restrict your clear seeing eyes and, therefore, (you) achieving your Greatest Happiness & Heart's Evolution... which WILL AFFECT EVERYTHING..."  He goes on to explain that even the happiest of us may have old, even "ancient" (past life!) wounds to heal without realizing it.

ARCHANGEL BARACHIEL wants to INSPIRE us to BE OUR TRUE BEST, OUR "MOST EMPOWERED with SELF LOVE" BEST and to "GET ON WITH IT!  YOU HAVE SO MUCH LOVE WAITING for YOU THIS LIFETIME!!  GO EXPERIENCE IT!!!!"  "Your Greater 'Happinesses' Await... Why would you hesitate?  Call on me to Shower you with Honest, Loving Thoughts for Yourself until they sink in & rise up to help you," he says with a Smile!  Seeing sparks or shimmers of Light Pink, Roses or even smelling Roses out of place may indicate I am working with you to achieve great things... Have Faith!" 

Thanks, ArchAngel Barachiel!!!!  I appreciate your emphatic focus on getting us into better places & states of our lives, yep!! ~ SA ~

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