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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

Originally Posted October 2019, This Timely Information Has Been Tweaked, Updated with Added Content & Reposted for 2020.  Enjoy!!

We are already in the midst of Thin Veil Time, meaning it's easier to connect with Ancestors, Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angelics, All Spirit Help "On the Other Side," as it's referred to, which happens annually.  I personally find this time to be Highly Spiritual, Magical, Loving & Supportive.

Even though I'm highly attuned to these sorts of things all the time, I still find Spirit Connection to be clearer & more prolific during this time! 

For me, it starts mid-September & continues into early November, typically.  Many speak of this time & give it different time frames, yet that has been the pattern for me, personally.  It has been honored for hundreds of years in various ways by multiple cultures.  In Mexico, there are lovely traditions of Honoring, Welcoming Back even, passed over loved ones & ancestors.  Gravesites are cleaned, candles are lit, favorite foods & special sweets are laid out... including the brightly decorated & festive Sugar Skulls that most of us are familiar with...  I personally have learned something from reading about their traditions & think there are some good takeaways.  (You can go to for an article I happen to like!)  Skulls have represented Ancestors, Spirit Connection & Guidance, Spiritual Enlightenment plus more good stuff for centuries in various cultures... including Crystal Skulls being highly revered by Tibetan Buddhists.

Here's a gorgeous picture of a beautifully adorned Ofrenda Altar for Day of The Dead Celebrations.  I totally feel her loving devotion just looking at the photo!!  You can do your own version of this, too.  Simply light a candle with someone in mind & send out your Loving Thanks.  If it makes you happy, set a dish or small treat aside in Honor of a beloved on the other side while you have your own meal & smile.  The energies behind everything we do in life are real deal actions in motion, whether we know it or not.  All the time.  This is part of why Ceremonies can have so much import, emotion & impact, even within tiny moments of Private Heartfelt Reverie for ourselves daily......


Traditional Mexican Day of The Dead Offrenda. Picture Courtesy of
Woman Lovingly Tending to Her Ofrenda with Candles, Copal, Food & Saint Images
Photo Courtesy of

I invite y'all to be open to this extra bit of Pure Love & Pure Light Magic available to us around this time every year so you don't miss out!   (Note I do not tolerate having anything less than Pure Love & Pure Light around me from the Other Side & that is my staunch recommendation, always!!  As with all things, Intend the Absolute Best for Yourself!)  You can always call in ArchAngel Michael for Loving Support & Protection, as well as Jesus for Loving Energies (they both just popped in, thanks!!!) then surround yourself with Violet, Deep Purple & Blue Energies for transmuting lower vibes (around yourself, your environment) & for greater Security & Protection.  I find a much clearer connection to beloved grandparents & Spirit Others at this time, as well as a different level of Guidance, Information of sorts... which I receive Gratefully!  It feels a bit different, in the best of ways for me.  I may not feel this greater connection constantly, but enough so that I truly look forward to this particular time & it's extra Graceful Support! 

You may more quickly sense presences around, you may see more "Signs" around, too.  You may receive more volume of signs & more readily recognize them.  They may take the form of coins (my grandfather just came in & reminded me of a particular coin he "dropped" for me to find that bears real significance for me with a particular year date on it, which goes into my pocket with some other small crystals.)  You may see feathers.  (Super common for me.)  You may almost get a sense of being "watched over," "talked about" or "talked to" which may be Spirits around you, communicating.  You may also just suddenly sense "someone standing behind you, looking on" or catch a glimpse of someone/something moving around in your physical space.  You may even crave particular foods that were faves of a passed loved one or that you somehow associate with him/her, as a message.  You may feel a sense of a "Breath of Fresh Air" swish past, even while inside with no breeze or logical airflow around!  You may hear a song that signals something for you.... Use & try trusting in your Intuition... even very subtle hints, feelings.  Be open to whatever way Pure Light Spirit senses will be best for grabbing your attention.  When this happens, pause to fully Honor, Open to the moment & what's around you.  Talk to them out loud or in your own mind/Intuitively.  Be Grateful, Chuckle, Woo Hoo, whatever comes to you to acknowledge & Celebrate the Connections & Signs!  Embrace, Enjoy & Give Thanks, Y'all!!  The more you Acknowledge & Revere, the more you expand & multiply these experiences & Soul Touching Help for yourself.  You may even become a True Thin Veil Believer & Appreciator!

Harmonious & Helpful:  MEDITATION, Quiet Time & "Listening," Anything that Raises Your Personal Vibration & Awareness, Using High Vibrational Crystals including High Vibe Crystal Skulls / Hearts / Other Meaningful Talismans, Slowing Down Life when You Can, Celebrating & Appreciating Love Connections of All Kinds, Being Willing to Believe in The Signs that Spirit Sends, Understanding That Real Love Connections are Forever..... Transcending All Time Frames & All Perceived Physical Constraints!!

Life Can Be So Magical..... Let It BE That Way for You!

Blessings & Happy Heightened Experiences, Y'All!! ~SA~

Endearing Angel Grave Marker, Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo Courtesy of
Angel Grave Marker Amidst Day of The Dead Celebrations.  Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico Cemetery.
Photo Courtesy of

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