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Sumatra Blue Amber Pendant ☆ Calming, Balancing, Heart Chakra Healing for Life Changes!!


Sold Out
Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energy Infusion Just for You
☆ Sumatra Blue Amber Pendant on 33" of High Quality Leather String ☆
KEY ENERGIES ☆ Cleansing, Heart Chakra Healing, Balancing, Spiritual Path Activation & Connected to ArchAngels Raphael & Zadkiel to Boot!!!!!
BACKGROUND INFORMATION  Being fossilized resin containing Ancient Tree & Earth Energies, any type of AMBER tends to be Stabilizing, Grounding, Protective, Soothing & Healing with a Sprinkle of Wise Old Sage Vibes!  This particular Amber is from Sumatra which seems to be available, however, I've read about possible government control regarding future mining & quantities at some point, so I'm watchful.  Click Sumatra Blue for more information!
SUMATRA BLUE AMBER PENDANT with LEATHER STING ☆ A rich honey color with interesting swirling speckles, this piece has very Soothing Energies & feels very good in hand!  I only see a tiny hint of blue tint in just the right light yet definitely get the specific energies I find with Sumatra Blue & some of the richness of color that comes with those.  Intuitively, I pick up on something about this piece being Destined to Help its person find his / hers "Most Right Spiritual Path & Best Path to Heart Healing & Full Heart Chakra Activating" plus "Rising to The Next Level of Life."  There's also something about this piece being Cleansing & Stabilizing.  It has some nice curves to it that make it easy & comfortable to touch while wearing, to hold & use in Meditation, etc.  ArchAngel Raphael (Healing!) ~ Plus ~ ArchAngel Zadkiel (Violet Flame Energies for Transmuting..... Great Complement to the other Healing Vibes & Process) immediately connected to this piece for the Benefit of its recipient!! I sense they will both "be around" to help Guide, give messages, as well..... So be open, asking & receiving!!  (Here's a very short AA Zadkiel / Violet Flame Meditation I use often at Zadkiel Violet Flame.)  I get the gist this piece is meant to help someone "prepare for life changes" & to "heal (something) quickly so you can make it to your right Spiritual Path with Best Timing!!"  Love it!  This is super lightweight & has been rubbed with a tiny bit of special Real Himalayan Amber Oil which raised its vibes even more & amped up the Soothing, Healing Help this piece offers.  I personally LOVE & use Sumatra Blue Amber daily which is part of why I offer it!!
Receive exact piece pictured.  Hover or click for enlarged detail.  Approximately 2.5 x 1 x 1/2 inches.  Since Amber is resin, albeit ancient fossilized resin, it's technically not a Crystal, having no Crystalline Structure in it, making it very light weight.  Strung on knotted high-quality 33" 1mm dark brown leather string (only natural dyes) for slipping over your head.  Your Personal Intuitive Crystal Reading for this piece & you will be emailed after purchase.  Allow up to 3 days, thanks!! ~SA~

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