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Brandberg Power Trio

$ 188.00

Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energies tailored just for its new keeper!
KEY ENERGIES: Spiritual, Grounding, Activation, Balanced Action, Steady Happy Transformation! + Energies of a Full Heart & Free Will to Explore New Horizons. 
This Brandberg Smokey Amethyst with crystal points shooting into different directions has energies to help its person suss out different life options.  It wants to be with someone that wants to "get after it" & it might help you "sail along even more quickly."   I also get a vibe from the surrounding matrix stone that would help calm the mind & keep it more Spiritually oriented.  This Crystal Compadre definitely wants you to "clear the clutter & focus on purpose."  Brandbergs are so Spiritual & Magical, they deserve their own page.  Click Brandberg Crystal Page.  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Approximately 6.1 x 2.5 x 2.1 inches.
What came to me Intuitively regarding this Carnelian carved into a Flame:  Activate Yourself!  Receive exact crystal pictured.    Approximately 4.25 x 2.75 inches.
This Prehnite piece emanates energies of Regeneration, Healing for the Heart & Will.  It feels really good in hand, too.  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Approximately 4.25 inches across.
Crystal TLC download immediately available upon completing your purchase.  Your special Intuitive Reading will be emailed after purchase.  Please allow up to 3 days.

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(Posted 3/17/17) I put them (Smokey Brandberg Amethyst Piece, Grape Agate Piece, Quartz Point) together & felt the energy vortex. My dog wouldn't leave them alone...My house just feels really, really CLEAN.

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Love this Hunk!

Just opened my amber! It's absolutely stunning, higher vibes in my chest and me yawning at the same time ;-)) I love this hunk!

Really Helpful!

Feedback on my little stone friend-little surges of energy come up through my center, almost like an excitment/anxiety-interesting--focus on little stone friend and it immediately calms. Really helpful!

I do notice a difference!

Yes, I do notice a difference! I will be out in about five days, so am eager to order more. They got the stuff to me pretty quickly last time....

Really Cool...

(August 2017) The myrrh oil smells amazing...Just used the myrrh and Sumatra Blue Amber first time, and they are super strong! The oil immediately calmed down things around me energy wise, and helped ground me quickly! I also used it on my shoulders and back of neck, and started on my third eye. I placed the amber on my left crook where shoulder and neck meet and felt warm energy around my heart. Now my heart area is aching, and I put some myrrh oil on it after I finished up. This is going to be really cool....


Oh my, this Myrrh is AMAZING! Thank you for sending so quick :)