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SOLD Power Deal: Trio for Uplifting Change. Creates Energy Vortex! Grounding, Activating & Stabilizing. Special Set & Price.


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Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energy Infusion Just for You!
~ Smokey Amethyst Brandberg, Carved Carnelian "Flame" & Prehnite Slab ~
KEY ENERGIES: Spiritual Grounding, Activation, Balanced Action, Steady Happy Transformation! Plus Energies of a Full Heart & an Enlightened Free Will to Explore New Horizons!!  Really Folks, This Set Creates a Fabulous Helpful Energy Vortex Together.... Wow!!
This good sized Brandberg Smokey Amethyst with crystal points shooting into different directions has energies to help its person suss out different life options.  Nice!  It wants to be with someone that wants to "get after it" & it might help you "sail along even more quickly with your life pursuits."   I also get a vibe from the surrounding matrix stone (Love!!) that would help calm the mind & keep it more Spiritually oriented.  This Crystal Compadre definitely wants its person to "clear the clutter then focus on your life with purpose!"  Brandbergs are so Spiritual & Magical, they deserve their own Article.  Click Brandberg Crystals.  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Approximately 6.1 x 2.5 x 2.1 inches.
What came to me Intuitively regarding this carved Carnelian Spiraling Flame was "Activate Yourself to Your Higher Being!"  It has the Grounding & Activating vibes both to help you connect with that really well for yourself.  Woo Hoo!  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Approximately 4.25 x 2.75 inches.
This Prehnite slab with slighted rounded back feels really good in hand & emanates energies of "Regeneration" plus "Healing for the Heart & Strength of Will!"  It had to be included with the set to create the Special Energy Vortex meant "for its person."
Receive exact crystal pictured.  Approximately 4.25 inches across.  Your special Intuitive Reading will be emailed after purchase.  Please allow up to 3 days, thanks!

Customer Reviews

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Debbie B. (New York)
Beautiful Brandberg Smokey Amethyst

I just love this Brandberg! It is my first one and I also love the cute little Amethyst heart that came with it! They both have great energy and I am really enjoying working with them. SueAnn is great to work with, great communication! Thank you again SueAnn.

Thank you so much, Debbie... You know the Brandbergs are personal favorites of mine.... It should serve you very well!!


(Posted 3/17/17) I put them (Smokey Brandberg Amethyst Piece, Grape Agate Piece, Quartz Point) together & felt the energy vortex. My dog wouldn't leave them alone...My house just feels really, really CLEAN.