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Bliss Stone Zuni Frog Fetish with Wonderful Soothing Vibes, ArchAngel Muriel Connection & More!!


Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energy Infusion for You
☆ "Bliss Stone" Phosphosiderite Fetish by Zuni Carver Georgette Lunasee ☆
KEY ENERGIES ☆ Serenity, Calm Healing & Peace, Pacing Yourself Properly, Heart Chakra Centeredness & Peace, Lightheartedness to "Keep Going" Well AND Connected to ArchAngels Muriel & Ariel!!
BACKGROUND INFORMATION  Native American Fetish Carvings have been used for Personal Prayers, Ceremonies & Spiritual Thanks since Ancient Times..... As with other Crystals & Crystal Carvings, I find each has its own unique Spirit & Energies!!  Use to embody Heartfelt Prayers.  Hold in Meditation.  Use it to help align yourself with the positive forces its Form, Spirit & Energies embody.  Start a Pure Light Spiritual Practice of your own!  I purchase most of my Fetish Carvings (including this one) from a very kind man in Arizona who's friends with the top Zuni carvers, pays top dollar for fairness & sustainability of their careers & simply cares.
BLISS STONE FROG FETISH ☆ Flawlessly carved from Phosphosiderite aka "Bliss Stone" with Jet inlaid eyes & Turquoise inlaid dots, this piece has a nice weight to it & feels good in the hand.  Frogs tend to symbolize cleansing, healing & renewal & those energies are present here.  ArchAngel Muriel graciously connected with this piece at just the right time... why hadn't I listed it yet?? ...Of course, now I know!  She says she wants to help find the "rightful owner" & then Guide them along their path better.  ArchAngel Ariel also came in to connect with the piece... to lend her healing vibes, as well... plus a bit of a nice Fairy connection from her, too (!), which has a very light hearted feel to it... Nice!  (I've seen Fairies show up for me as little sparks of light floating around!)  This is going to be such a wonderful piece for its right person!!  I also charged up this piece with some of my personal crystals for Angelic Connection, AA Muriel Energies, Enlightenment, grounding & some very special healing vibes.  Enjoy!!
Zuni Carver Georgette Lunasee
Receive the exact piece pictured.  Hover or click for enlarged detail.  Approximately 2 5/8 x 1 3/8 x 5/8 inches.  Your Personal Intuitive Crystal Reading specifically regarding this piece & you will be emailed after purchase.  Allow up to 3 days, thanks!! ~SA~

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