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Chiapas Amber "Arrow" Pendant ☆ Uplifting, Focusing, Aligning & "Light Warrior" Vibes


 Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energy Infusion Just for You
☆ Chiapas Amber Arrow Pendant on 33" of High Quality Leather String ☆
KEY ENERGIES ☆ Uplifting, Focusing Support for "Sparkly" Forward Movement with a Splash of "Light Warrior" Vibes & Grounding
BACKGROUND INFORMATION  Being fossilized resin containing Ancient Tree & Earth Energies, any type of AMBER tends to be Stabilizing, Grounding, Protective, Soothing & Healing with a Sprinkle of Wise Old Sage Vibes!  This particular Amber from the Mexican State of CHIAPAS (on the Pacific Coast near Guatemala) is considered fairly rare & is still mined by Mayan descendants with arduous effort per my purchasing source who's travelled there, been in the mines & forged relationships with the local Mayan Descended Tzotzil miners & craftsmen.  Click Chiapas Amber for some additional information on this somewhat Mystical Amber.
ARROW PENDANT with LEATHER STING ☆ Mostly clear & a light honey yellow color with Uplifting, Happy Vibes for Enlightenment & "A Brighter Spirit," this piece has dark brown streaks holding Grounding Energies, too.  This cool piece resembles an Upward Arrow symbolizing "Look Up, Take Heart, Have Courage, Forge Onward!" I'm hearing Intuitively..... I'm also picking up on some lively Sparkly parts & Vibes that make this an interesting piece plus some "Light Warrior" & "Ancient Wisdom" Vibes, too.  I'm rubbing it now with my thumb (it has a nice natural indentation for that!) & instantly getting Healing Vibes up & down the core of myself / Energies..... This piece will help its person "Clear Up The Chakras Well plus Stabilize the Helpful Energies & Keep Everything Aligned," I'm hearing Intuitively.  So wearing & working with this piece will work to keep things "Lined Up, Up & Down, In Good Ways..... Keep You Straight On Your Proper Path, Too, If You Let It!!"  Wearing keeps it handy to touch & connect with energetically for Support.  Also hold it as a "Worry Stone" & work with while Meditating for "Interesting Messages About Your Path!"  Cool!!  Slight surface scratches shown in photo are not visible when wearing :D  This piece has a Lovely, Warm & Soothing vibe.  Wow..... the helpful vibes of this one piece really covers a lot of bases..... multi purposed for the person it's meant to help take care of!!  Anytime you prefer a pocket piece, slip it off the string & carefully stowaway so it doesn't get scratched.  Slightly rough at the bottom, it has a very smooth back for wearing.   Originally hand polished by a Tzotzil craftsman, I also hand polished it more to bring out the arrow shape it was meant to have plus to additionally Elevate & Focus its energies.  This is super lightweight & has been rubbed with a tiny bit of special Real Himalayan Amber Oil for even stronger Energies.  I personally love & use Chiapas Amber which is why I offer it in The Shoppe!
Receive exact piece pictured.  Hover or click for enlarged detail.  Approximately 1.5 x 1 x 3/8 inches.  Since Amber is resin, albeit fossilized resin, it's technically not a Crystal, having no Crystalline Structure in it, making it very light weight.  Strung on knotted high-quality 33" 1mm dark brown leather string (colored only with natural dyes) for slipping over your head.  Your Personal Intuitive Crystal Reading for this piece & you will be emailed after purchase.  Allow up to 3 days, thanks!! ~SA~

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Golden Hours, Self Confidence!

I Love this powerful piece! Filling my life with Amber has been immeasurably helpful lately, and this small Chiapas had me seeing Jaguars the first day I wore it, it got my synced up to stand up for myself in a very big way! It continues to lend it’s strong energies to my throat chakra and helps me voice my truths clearly and with more precision! The golden energies packed in the piece help add to my ‘golden glow’ and already plan on connecting well with my future crystals. Immediately a ‘game changer’ piece for me.

Hooray & Big Thanks!!

Good Energy

(5/26/17 Comments) You did a good job of blessing the amber...has brought me mucho luck...Could feel good energy from all the pieces & I love them...Thanks!