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"....There's no doubt in my soul that I was Divinely Guided to her.... This experience WILL change you...."  Anna L. in TX




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"....You never do anything half-way, do you!? have outdone yourself again.  I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity...." 😊 D.B. in MA

I Do My Best to Treat Clients the Way I Want to Be Treated... Including Never Sharing or Selling Your Precious Information!! ~Sue Ann~

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Crystal Concierge Services Just for You! Let Me Match You Up with Your Perfect, Exact Pieces Intuitively!! It's Another One of My "Meant to Be" Gigs, Y'all!!


Let Me Curate the Perfect Crystal(s) for You.... Intuitively!  From My Own Inventory &/or Elsewhere

Spirit Has Made It Clear, This IS Part of My "Meant to Be" Spirit Gig...

Thanks to All the Clients Who Have Trusted Me with This, I Am Honored.

Much of My Inventory (& Best Inventory!) is Never Listed Online.  For Clients That Trust Me to Intuitively Know What They Need, It's Often Sold via Text & Email, Promptly.  I Also Source Inventory Intuitively, Piece by Piece, As Much As Possible, Sometimes Even "Blindly" yet Intuitively while On The Phone with Trusted Suppliers.  Fun!! 

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Especially Selected Items for A Treasured Client!

I'll select the exact crystal(s), individual piece by individual piece, per Intuition & Spirit Guidance, that are THE ONES who's unique helpful Energies are precisely meant just for you (or your Special Gift Recipient) at this time!!  Having the exact special piece that's "YOURS" can make all the difference in the world Energetically.  Most Clients immediately resonate with the pictures I send &/or upon receiving.  Fun!!

As usual, Crystals will come with their own Unique, Individualized Intuitive Reading & will be infused with High Vibe Energies, Personalized Just for It's New Keeper, before shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Evelia Mejia (Texas)

Just as pictured!! An amazing piece!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Evelia!!!! I'm so glad it's with your family now :)) ~SA~

C M Knapp (Oregon)
Special Attention and Service

Sue Ann provided me yet again with exceptional personalized service and attention to detail. I appreciate how she takes the time to really focus in on items she is sending out from her shop in consideration of the intended recipients. Her connection to Spirit and interest in channeling the right energy for the best outcomes for her customers is truly noteworthy. I also am always pleased with the quality of the items purchased. Thanks Sue Ann!

Huge Thanks for your trust, repeat biz, feedback + cool photo, Cindy!!!! ~SA~

Beth (Texas)
Cool Skull!!!

This (Lapis Skull) is amazing...she also sent me a couple other customs and they are right on. They are now my favorite pieces! Thank you SueAnn!!!!

That makes me sooo happy! Glad you're enjoying your Lapis, Clear Citrine with Big Rainbow, Smokey Quartz Skulls + Cool Labradorite Skull Pendant. I had fun finding them for you :D


(Posted 4/5/17) Got it already in my pocket...Busy day...needed it to ground me!! Thank you!!! LOVE that Tigers Eye. It's BEAUTIFUL.