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$40 Off! "Rosie Big Smile" with Rainbows :))

$ 237.00

Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energies Just for You! 
Skull #BMQ0869
Key Energies: Happiness & Self Confidence. Believing in Yourself. Uplifting, Calming Support. Patient, Light Hearted Self Development :)

Crystal Skulls have been Revered by Ancient Cultures including Tibetan Buddhists & often represent Enlightenment, Wisdom & more.  "Rosie Big Smile" Carved Rose Quartz Skull Helper has plenty of Rainbows in the back of her head & around the outer edge of each eye!  She just makes you want to grin while holding her & was beautifully hand carved in Brazil.  There's a sense of Grace & Knowing along with a Calming, Happy Presence.  This gal wants her person to have a Healthy, Light Filled, Calm, Loving, Freely Giving & Receiving Heart for Loving Life :D  Her energies aren't just about typical ideas of "Spiritual Self Attainment," they include a streak of Adventurousness & Gusto for living life Grandly with Wide Wide Open Arms...Wow, I'm diggin' it.  Someone will be lucky to be the keeper & beneficiary of this one!!  I really see the glint in her big smile now.  I hope you do too & get this Sweet yet Powerful Helper for yourself. 

BONUS:  I've put Rosie with a 3/4" miniature that's charged up with her energies to take with you on the go!  Woo hoo.  

She's been rubbed with my special Myrrh Attar Oil for even more High Vibes.  Receive exact crystal pictured.  Hover or click picture for enlarged detail.  Approximately 2 1/2" x 3 7/8" x 3 1/8" tall.  Crystal TLC download is immediately available.  Your special Intuitive Reading will be emailed after purchase.  Please allow up to 3 days.


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Cool skull!!

This is amazing...she also sent me a couple other customs and they are right on. They are now my favorite pieces! Thank you SueAnn!!!!

So glad you love all 4 of your guys!!!! I loved your happy guys too :D
Wow y’all!

I audibly gasped as I unpacked these guys! Words cannot explain their amazing vibe. They were absolutely perfect for me at the exact right time. Thanks to Sue Ann and her spirit team for a job well done!

Thank You, Thank You!! I truly truly enjoy hunting down just the right thing for you & appreciate any feedback afterwards :D
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Thanks for stopping by! ~SA~

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Lifted me up!

I really enjoyed the Pegasus Medi!! The Medi lifted me up & allowed me to release a lot of worry and hurt all over, especially in my chest. I cried (good tears) and felt more connected to my spirit help. It was lovely....this was my 1st time using it. (It was especially heartfelt for me because I imagined my childhood on the back of my horse, having that connection & physical perspective.)


My very favorite meditation now. I love it!!

Appreciate the feedback!! I love & use this one too ⚡⚡
So Pleased!!

Thank you for all of yesterday, a truly humbling experience. I feel another large shift taking place and I am so pleased!!!


A wonderful grounding meditation which blew me away and relieved me of so much stress that I was holding in my body.

Mucho Thanks!!! I'm Happy you're Happy Susan :D I personally love & use it too! ~SA~
Ancestors meditation

Love love this!!!