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Myrrh Oil: Ancient Healing Vibes & More

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Top Quality Tunisian Myrrh Attar Oil. Infused with High Vibes Especially for You Upon Ordering! 2 Dram Glass Vial.

Used & Prized by Healers & Spiritual Ones for over 3,000 years.  This particular Myrrh Oil emits deeply powerful yet soothing vibes.

Myrrh has been highly prized & used throughout centuries as Spiritual Incense, medicine, perfume, for personal protection & blessing.  It has also been touted as "soothing balm" for "wounds of the heart."  Native to the Arabian Peninsula, this myrrh is rich & deeply sweet smelling.  It's harvested from the thorny trees by making cuts & collecting chunks of resin.

Ancient Persian Attars of botanical oils & resins were prized, personal recipes for intoxicating perfumes or natural healing balms.  The practice of traditional attars eventually spread to India & beyond.  To the best of my knowledge, the difference between Attars & Essential Oils is the process it goes through.  Intuitively, I sense the Attars to be more potent.
Additional Intuitive Information:  By energetically connecting to the soul level, this attar should help promote deep, thorough releasing of what no longer serves you well.  It should simultaneously soothe everything from the inside out & help protect you on every level, too. It embodies Ancient Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, Soul Connectedness & helpful Past Life Connection Vibes.  My Spirit Guides have repeatedly guided me to view & use this particular attar as the "all encompassing" high vibe, most all around beneficial one! 
I personally use:  As needed on my 3rd Eye Chakra, back of neck, on acupressure points located behind each ear & on foot reflexology points at bedtime.  Finding it calming, balancing, very soothing & even's great when I feel frazzled, needing help staying harmonious & during meditation.  I love it & was clearly guided to share my personal treasure with y'all!  
Final Note:  Spirit has profoundly intertwined the importance of this Myrrh Oil with Sumatra Blue Amber, as well as Brandberg Crystals, that I was also strongly guided to offer here in The Shop.  I've been lead by Spirit to "anoint" each Sumatra Blue piece with Myrrh Attar after polishing.  Each vial sold will be highly energized with these crystals & others + be specifically infused with other energies optimal for you before shipping.
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"Hug" & Tingling

(7/17/17 Comments re: Healing Energy Work via Messaging Communications only :D) I felt your energy so so healing like a hug from a family member, then tingling all around my head...then overwhelming urge to fall asleep haha! I'm still tinglinggggggg...feels like the lovely rush of joy from hanging from a tree...thank you for your magic, you've made my day.

Good Energy

(5/26/17 Comments) You did a good job of blessing the amber...has brought me mucho luck...Could feel good energy from all the pieces & I love them...Thanks!

Zoom & Bloom

(Posted March 2017) I absolutely Love this Nuummite wand. It has honestly and effortlessly brought my meditations to the next level. I notice new flashes and sparkles in it almost everyday! This piece is powerful and quickly helps me get focused and grounded. Most noticeably, this piece clears up my psychic vision almost the instant I pick it up, and helps me stretch my intentions swiftly further than before! Finally, this special piece seems to help keep me "sailing straight" ;) by helping me keep my intentions truly clear. If I need support to keep my Integrity thriving, my Nuummite is happy and present..awaiting me to ask for help! Grateful for our bringing together, Thanks Sue Ann!!


I love ❤️ my new special stone helper! His name is Hawkeye and I keep him close to my heart.


(Posted 3/17/17) I put them (Smokey Brandberg Amethyst Piece, Grape Agate Piece, Quartz Point) together & felt the energy vortex. My dog wouldn't leave them alone...My house just feels really, really CLEAN.