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Angel Connected: Flourite Octohedron Pocket Piece!

$ 16.00

  Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading & High Vibe Energies tailored just for its new keeper!
I find Flourite to have a Spiritual, Uplifting & Healing Vibe.  In this "Sacred Geometry" Shape of an Octohedron, I find it very protective too.  Both Archangel Zadkiel & Light Spirit Saint Germain have connected with this pocket & meditation piece.  I love & depend upon mine!
This has cool energies with an image of a Pyramid + a Huge Rainbow Streak!  Definitely a "Power Piece."  It'll help you remember who you are & to stand up for yourself, I'm hearing Intuitively.  It has Purple for Protective Energies with some Clear & White Spots to help with Intuitive Clarity for yourself.   If you think this is for you, don't this price, take the help now & consider adding one of the Columbian Amber Pieces.  Super good, well priced combo!  Click: COPAL AMBER.   Receive exact crystal pictured.  Crystal TLC download immediately available upon completing purchase.  Your special Intuitive Reading will be emailed after purchase.  Please allow up to 3 days.
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Transmutation and Violet Vortexs

My little flourite piece came Arc Angel connected, and has continued on to be blessed by St. Germain, yay thank you!! At first I used it to help with bad headaches and head pressure while I slept, and now I also use it to create powerfully protective violet vortexes. We seem to be on a journey learning where and how to set boundaries, physical and energetic. Thanks so much for matching us together, so grateful!

It's been a treat to be a part of your Journey & Flourishing :)
Love her work and cystals!. Exceptional.

(Posted 7/6/17) I've known and worked with SueAnn for many years. She is great and recently introduced me to the them!!

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Love this Hunk!

Just opened my amber! It's absolutely stunning, higher vibes in my chest and me yawning at the same time ;-)) I love this hunk!

Really Helpful!

Feedback on my little stone friend-little surges of energy come up through my center, almost like an excitment/anxiety-interesting--focus on little stone friend and it immediately calms. Really helpful!

I do notice a difference!

Yes, I do notice a difference! I will be out in about five days, so am eager to order more. They got the stuff to me pretty quickly last time....

Really Cool...

(August 2017) The myrrh oil smells amazing...Just used the myrrh and Sumatra Blue Amber first time, and they are super strong! The oil immediately calmed down things around me energy wise, and helped ground me quickly! I also used it on my shoulders and back of neck, and started on my third eye. I placed the amber on my left crook where shoulder and neck meet and felt warm energy around my heart. Now my heart area is aching, and I put some myrrh oil on it after I finished up. This is going to be really cool....


Oh my, this Myrrh is AMAZING! Thank you for sending so quick :)