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"....There's no doubt in my soul that I was Divinely Guided to her.... This experience WILL change you...."  Anna L. in TX


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"....You never do anything half-way, do you!? have outdone yourself again.  I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity...." 😊 D.B. in MA

I Do My Best to Treat Clients the Way I Want to Be Treated... Including Never Sharing or Selling Your Precious Information!! ~Sue Ann~

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MAGIC! For Bucking Horse & More

Hey lady!!!! I just wanted to send you an update on (horse) Kevin!!! Also thank you so much for the note you sent!! It made me so happy!!!!

So after our session... everything has been so much better!!!! He's holding up to his promise of being more calm! He's actually been amazing!!!! I feel like I have a much deeper connection with him and it's amazing!!!! I've been riding him no big issues! Today I rode with a halter! And trust him! I'm bringing him home this week so 🤞🏼!

It was so funny the day I told her (horse trainer) about everything I learned about Kevin and I swear Kevin knew what I was saying because he kept rubbing on me and nodding his head.... Like 'omg, yes, now you know what I know so let's move on' was amazing.

It really has changed my life! Also after (you) worked on my energy.... My back stopped hurting... And hasn't hurt (my lower back and hip) since we talked! It's literally like magic!

1st Time Client Jessica A. & Horse Kevin, Colorado 9/5/2021

You Were Right!

Boy were you right about 2021 being about keep up or get left behind!

Long Time Personal & Animal Client, Texas 4/16/2021

A True Psychic Gift Solved an Unusual Problem with My Dog

"Sue Ann definitely took the time with a lot of patience to get through a chaotic energy problem with my 10 month old Labrador and myself.  Her responses definitely made me know she had connected, and although I was surprised by the answers, I knew everything fell in line with what I was seeing at home.  Energy became calmer after the session.  Many thanks.  Will definitely use again."

Dianne S., Texas 10/3/2020

Talk and Energy Work

Sue Ann, thank-you for helping me realize where my grief was coming from and that it did not all belong to Rocky (dog.)  As we were talking I could feel the energy work you were applying flowing thru me.  I have a lot of work to do on my own but will call on you again for more help soon.

Pat Rice, Texas 9/11/2020

Pathway to Healing...TWICE

A couple of months ago I went on a quest to find an animal communicator that was local because my two fur babies were in constant conflict and I needed help.  Little did I realize my search was going to bring me to an understanding not only of their situation but of my own internal conflicts and struggles, and even though both issues kind of played off all three of us it turned out to be cathartic in multiple ways.

I'm here to attest to the beautiful healing power that Sue Ann has demonstrated twice as a communicator and intermediary between myself and the divine with the sole purpose for greater spiritual growth, protection, and most importantly clearing dark stagnant energies which were targeting and painfully affecting my physical body. WHO KNEW???

I've had two sessions with Sue Ann and never have I felt such powerful and profound effects during and after our sessions. This woman is profoundly gifted and there's no doubt in my soul that I was divinely guided to her for these reasons. As far as recommendations?  Hell yes!!!  This experience WILL change you.

Can't thank her enough!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Anna L., Texas 11/17/19


Hi, Y'All, Sue Ann here.... Heads Up the next 3 Reviews are by the same person.  She writes articulate & helpful comments plus she was a newcomer to all things metaphysical, so I thought all of this should be included!


Wow. Happy Customer!

5/25/19  Wow, Sue Ann - I just read the readings and the information about all of extra gifts.  You never do anything half-way, do you :-) ?!

...Seriously, though - the readings (on Ancient Crystal Carvings via Crystal Concierge Service) are wonderful and it's amazing how each Ancient squares with the personality of its intended recipient...  I love my Messenger Hawk and feel very blessed to have that connection to my brother (who's on the other side.)  I know that he's always around and it will be nice to have something tangible to help me stay connected to him.  Thank you so much - you have outdone yourself again.  I'm so glad to have made your connection - everything that you do creates so much positivity.  I look forward to continuing to be a happy customer!  6/21/19 Update  The boys and I are enjoying our Ancients and crystals... I always meditate with my hawk. It's funny, but when I hold it in my hand, I can feel it pulsating - sometimes it feels like static electricity, and sometimes it's more pronounced.  When I first noticed it doing that, I switched hands, thinking that maybe I just had a twitch or something, but I felt the pulsating in the other hand.  Then I picked up a remote, a hair brush and other non-ancient things, and there was no pulsating at all, so I'm very confident that it's the hawk.  I have a lot more peace and clarity when I meditate with it...  The hawk helps me to feel grounded and centered, like when I'm headed out the door for a challenge or just general weekday craziness, I like to hold the hawk for a second to get my bearings...

So happy to be one of your clients!

D.B., Massachusetts 5/25/19 & 6/21/19


Another Great Experience

The All-Inclusive Phone Appointment is well named - it covers a lot of ground!  I had certain concerns that I wanted to discuss with Sue Ann.  She addressed all of them and had insights on so many other issues too!  She is so generous with her time and is so positive, supportive and encouraging - it's like talking with a good friend who really wants the best for you.  We did energy work on the call as well.  I wasn't initially sure what it was or what to expect, but the day after the call I could absolutely feel a huge shift - like someone opened a big window inside and let in all of this energy and light. 

Can't recommend Sue Ann enough.  Any time that you spend with her is a gift!

D.B., Massachusetts 4/22/19


Great Experience - Don't be Nervous!!

If you are like me, you might be nervous about accessing Sue Ann's unique expertise, but you definitely don't have to be.  Sue Ann is the real deal.  She'll explain everything, she's incredibly warm and responsive and clearly cares for her clients as much as their animals.  Sue Ann worked with me via email and reached out to my dog who passed in 2012 (or more accurately, he reached out to her!)  The experience brought me a great deal of peace and comfort and helped heal a long-open wound caused by his loss. 

Highly recommend Sue Ann!!

D.B., Massachusetts 3/23/19


Miracle Worker!!!

... you are a MIRACLE WORKER!!! ... I am SOOOO Grateful!!!!!!!  Honestly— it is like a Miracle— really a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE that we needed to have— so desperately.  The WHOLE house feels happier— we are able to BREATHE again. 

Thank you, dear friend.

Ann P., Florida 12/31/18

Special Service

Sue Ann gave me the kind of personal attention with my order that made me feel like I'd walked into her shop and met with her.  The products I bought were exactly as expected, and very high-quality.  I highly recommend her!

C. M. Knapp, Oregon 8/21/2017

We'll Be Speaking Again!

You told me (in a prior appointment) I would have a chestnut (colored) foal & I did!  I could NOT figure out how with 2 bay colored horses, but you were right.  I'll keep you updated & we'll be speaking again!

B.T., Iowa 12/12/16


Unbelievable Experience!!!

Unbelievable experience! !!!  I Had many questions and you gave me the answers to make my choices on what to do next!!!  Makes it more clear to know why I was feeling the way I was!!!  Thanks for helping me with my kids (horses).

Can't wait to talk with you again, I know I will be back, your work is impeccable !!!

Lisa, Iowa 10/23/2015


Heartfelt Thanks to All Posting Reviews Online, As Well As, Sending Feedback & Comments to Me Personally....

....Past, Present & Future! ~SA~

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