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Spirit Path Tip No. 1 ☆ Mercury Retrograde

ASTROLOGICAL EVENT MERCURY RETROGRADE is 9/9 - 10/2 with Halo Effects Days Before & After...

SOME KEY THINGS to WATCH & PREPARE FOR: General Mix-Ups, Wonky Electronics - Machinery - Travels - Communications - Delays, Frustrated People (& Animals)... Including Yourself! SOME COMMONLY ACCEPTED BEST PRACTICES: Delay Big Decisions, Committments & Purchases for Another Time, In General & If Possible... Some Exceptions. TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING... It's Shocking the Mistakes You May Catch ;-) Back Up Everything & Often / Honor "Belt & Suspenders!" Overall. Use This Time to Proactively Clean Things Out, Reorganize, Research Now for Your Important Decisions & Pursuits Later. SOME COOL THINGS I'VE LEARNED: Amidst the Typical Merc Retro Confusions, Unexpected Information May Pop Up to Help... Don't Miss it... There May Be "Gifts" or "Hidden Gifts" Involved. Follow Through with Gut Feelings / Intuitive Promptings... Just In Case!! (This is Always a Good Idea In My Opinion, Especially When Things are More Murky... Decide for Yourself... You Can Start Small & Simple Till You Know You Have Confidence with It...) You May Be Glad Later or Even Much Later. Take The Opportunity to Learn to "Glide Through" MR Well... Forego Pushing & Pulling, Struggling... Observe & Be Measured in Your Approaches, Stay Responsible, Support Yourself Well, Scribble Things Down to Help Make More Peaceful Room in Your Head then Allow Time for Things to Sort Themselves Out. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!!!

Do Your Part then Have Faith In The Higher Divine Workings of Things... I've Witnessed Some Cool, Effortless Outcomes!

EVERYTHING Happens for A Reason... Mercury Retrograde Can Help Expose What Needs Fixing &/or Is No Longer Serving Your Highest Good Well Enough... I Recommend Taking the Gifts, Working WITH Them, Calling In Your Spirit Help & Being Thankful!

Click ArchAngel Muriel Now for A Gratis Meditation to Enjoy! Try Playing It Back to Back, See What Happens!! ~SA~

Hey Y'all... 9/10 Update: I'm finding this MR to be a Treasure Trove of Discovered & Rediscovered Information! Take Notes Throughout MR & Beyond. See What All You End Up With, What Emerges & How It Can Help You. Seize This Opportunity & Be Grateful! Let Me Know What Happens :D


Hey Y'all... 10/3 Update: Be extra patient if experiencing wonky electronic things, etc. for a few more days & look for a work around, if needed, rather than losing your cool & wasting your energies. Sometimes if something is not shaping up well enough for me, I stop & ask Intuitively, "if not this, then what?" Meaning.... suss out if there's actually something else better or just as important to work on that will work out better in the moment. Cool Thing I learned this MR.... Something I suspected was "working well" but that has left me questioning at times, was proven to be "working very well" in a critical moment.... So, this MR actually reconfirmed something for me that I hadn't been completely sure about. Cool MR Discovery!