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Spirit Path Tip No. 2 ☆ Full Moon in Aries

POWERFUL FULL MOON in ARIES on 10/10 with EFFECTS through 10/25

SOME THINGS to WATCH FOR IN MY EXPERIENCE: The "Brash & Rash" Aries Energies, which Can Be Intense, Jarring Somehow, But Motivational, Too. ☆ Full Moons, In General, Deliver "Illuminations & Culminations" plus Intensities & Emotions Spilling Down... Sometimes Unexpectedly. "It's a Time to Know How You Truly Feel" Spirit Says. Thanks to Divine Wisdom, We May Very Well Get the "Illumination" to See What That's About, Along with The Information Needed to Deal or Start Dealing with It for Best Outcomes. "Steps are Important to Take, As Shown..." Spirit Says... "Follow Through May Matter." I Personally Rely on My Intuition, Meditation & Spirit Guidance / Signs, Along with My Good Sense & Logic. Remember Everyone Else Is Experiencing Intense Vibes, Too, Though Different Astrological Signs / Personal Charts & Where You're At Spiritually / In Your Life will Cause Variations in How These Things Manifest & Show Up for You, Personally. SOME THINGS I DO for MYSELF: Let Things "Rise Up" ...They're Going to As Needed, Anyway! Deal with What Needs to Be Dealt with Most after Appropriate Contemplation & Thoughtful Processing. I Think Full Moons Support That Well or At Least Jump Start It. You May Need to Be Mindful of Other's Intensities, Emotions & Energies Floating Around, Too... So Meditate, Intend to Clarify Your Truth / Feelings Seperately From Everyone Else's & Allow Things to Sort Themselves Out. Cultivating & Supporting Your Own Patience, Centeredness & Calmness May Really Help All Around!  SOME COOL THINGS I'VE LEARNED: Relax, Let Go, Close Your Eyes & Visualize the Full Moon's Beams Flowing Down to You. I've Done This With & Without a Meditation Playing... Cool Images / Lovely Messages Have Happened Each Time. They've Been Brief BUT Enough to Keep Me Ultimately Guided Towards the Most Important Things for Me. An Aries Full Moon (Aries Being the 1st Astrological Sign in The Order of All Twelve Signs) Represents the New Cycle of All the Full Moons & May Bring "Culminations with New Beginnings Afoot!" per My Spirit Guidance. Since the End of An Important & Orderly Cycle Has Come with The Advent of The New Cycle, It May Be Propitious to Review, Recognize, Celebrate What's Happened / How Far You've Come the Last Year & to Positively Look Forward to The Opportunities of This Fresh Cycle for Yourself... Honoring Things Thoughtfully & With Intention Can Be Important... Which is Part of Why I Harness Each Full Moon's Energies & Opportunities Intentionally by Making a Gratitude List then a List of What I Want to Absolve / Release, Rolling It Up Inside the Gratitude List & Burning to Release It into The Divine for Help & Resolution. Afterwards, I Meditate & See What Comes to Me, Which is Usually Insightful, If I've Given The Process Its Due. What's Your Full Moon Opportunity This Time Around?!

Have Faith In The Higher Divine Workings of Things... Stay Connected to Higher Vibrations & Yourself... See If You Can Follow The Moon Beams to Your Own Highest Guidance & Next Best Steps ;-))

Spirit is Still Guiding Me to Heavily Use the ArchAngel Muriel Meditation. Try Playing It Regularly, See What Happens for You... 6 Minutes of High Vibes to Soak Up & Help Connecting with Fabulous Muriel! Another Suggestion Would Be to Play an Ocean Soundtrack for Lovely Cleansing Vibes & "Being in the Flow." ~SA~