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Frankincense Has Been Revered for Over 5,000 Years!

Spiritual, Powerful, Cleansing, Protective

March 18, 2018


Like Myrrh, Frankincense Trees (genus Boswellia) are native to the Arabian Peninsula, as well as East Africa, & provide chunks of resin to harvesters via strategic cuts made in the bark.  It has been prized throughout centuries for Spiritual Incense & Medicinal Purposes (along with Myrrh) plus Cleansing & more.  Many have associated Good Fortune with Frankincense as well.  (Woo Hoo!)  I was Intuitively Guided to offer this specific, special Frankincense Thank Divine Spirit for this, my 2nd Special Oil, being made available on a limited basis!
My Intuitive Take on It So Far:  I sense it to be Powerfully Supportive & "Pro-Active," along with its Spiritual in "Intensely Focused, Intensely Rooted," Powerful, Helpful Support for "the long haul."  It feels like a Faithful Guardian to me, whose entire focus is upon my Highest & Most Best Good, my Overall Well Being & Regeneration (just heard "Regeneration" Intuitively as typing!) at all times in a really serious way!  I also sense it may successfully work with intense energies such as Trauma, Grief, Emotional or Soul Level Exhaustion, etc.  Its energies have a "Steadfastness" to them along with a "Rise Above & Reincarnate Yourself" vibe all backed up & propelled by a "Graceful Power Vibe."  I love it!  Only after filling the first bottles for clients, did Spirit convey to me they were quite purposely infusing this oil (for me & my clients both) with Supremely Protective Energies to help "Ward Off, Protect Against, Render Defenseless" particularly dark or heavy energies, in addition to being Highly Protective in general.  (I will take it & Thank You Pure Light Help!!!)  This oil clearly works very well layered with other oils & even "Highly Amps Up" the other oils energetically!
How I've Used on Myself So Far:  I use my Intuition as to where I need it & usually layer with other oils.  Dabbed on back of my neck for protection.  On both wrists & ankles for "clearing the pathway forward" (Light Spirit Ganesh, "Remover of Obstacles,"  just let me know he's connecting with this for us, Thank You!!!) on any spots that may feel a little "vulnerable" energetically, dabbed on the middle of my soles or on Foot Reflexology Points.  Note this special oil is meant to be used sparingly, externally only & away from potentially sensitive areas.  (Please see additional common-sense cautions below.)  Using It on Crystals:  During a client appointment, it came to me that this oil is "The Nuummite" of oils in many ways...Protective, Propelling, Deflective, Grounding, Deeply Powerful & more.  It also came up that she needed a particular piece of Nuummite, so before shipping, I rubbed it with my Special Myrrh then added this Frankincense.  It came alive & raised its vibration with the Myrrh (as crystals always do!) then with the Frank Heart I felt an "Earth Rumbling, Catalytic, No Holds Barred, Get Out of My Way I'm Going Forward Now!" vibe that caught me off guard.  I'm now using on my own Nuummite pieces (they seem to LOVE it!) and will continue experimenting as Guided by Intuition :)) Some I've just dabbed a bit on a particular spot or very lightly rubbed then quickly polished off with a soft cloth.  Keep in mind, highly polished & smooth Nuummite (& other crystal) pieces may do well with it, yet, rougher pieces with surface fissures, etc. might become "crumbly" if penetrated with something that could break it down.  Please use your own Judgement & Intuition if trying this!  The Oil Itself:  My supplier considers this a "Rare Essence" in his listings.  It is from Boswellia Carteri wild harvested in Somalia & processed via a special low heat, high vacuum molecular distillation process to capture the core or "Heart" of the resin's aroma.  I sense they have also captured & highly amplified "The Heart" of this oil's energetic essence!  Whether intended or seems to have happened & I am Grateful.  Clients are exclaiming "Wow." (verbatim) with this one!  I offer this from my Heart.  See it in The Shop here:  Frankincense Heart Oil.  Enjoy!! ~SA~  
Common Sense Cautions:   This oil is meant to be used sparingly, externally only & away from potentially sensitive areas.  Use your own judgment regarding any potential skin or other type sensitivities, how much to use & how often, if you may have other conditions that may not be compatible with it (pregnancy, using prescriptions, etc.) whether or not it may be right to put on your own crystals, etc. Thanks, SA.

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Just as pictured!! An amazing piece!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Evelia!!!! I'm so glad it's with your family now :)) ~SA~
Lovely Pendant

Love wearing it!!!

Woo Hoo & Thanks for Letting Me Know!!! I'm so glad that piece found its Special Person. ~SA~
Coming Back for More!!!

Energetically this oil is amazing, it has sooooo many benefits. Healing Spiritual and Physical Challenges. I use in for orthopedic challenges on several parts of my body.
Heartfelt thanks SA, for another awesome product.

Thank you so much for letting me know how this is working for you, LInda, and for taking the time to let others know how you feel about it too! Big Hugs ~SA~
Crystal Concierge Order for CK :D
Special Attention and Service

Sue Ann provided me yet again with exceptional personalized service and attention to detail. I appreciate how she takes the time to really focus in on items she is sending out from her shop in consideration of the intended recipients. Her connection to Spirit and interest in channeling the right energy for the best outcomes for her customers is truly noteworthy. I also am always pleased with the quality of the items purchased. Thanks Sue Ann!

Huge Thanks for your trust, repeat biz, feedback + cool photo, Cindy!!!! ~SA~

Very Powerful Energetically