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Native American Animal Fetishes

Native American Animal Carvings, known as "Fetishes," have been used for Personal Prayers & Thanks Giving since Ancient Times.  I find each one has its own Unique Spirit & way of helping its Special Person. 

Having a Personal Power Animal, Spirit Reminder & Physical Totem can be special!  Place in View to represent Heartfelt Prayers sent to Spirit.  Hold in Meditation for Focus or Energetic Support.  Use to symbolize Personal Aspirations.  Dive into this Time Honored Practise.  Make it your own.  Give Thanks!

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52 reviews

A wonderful grounding meditation which blew me away and relieved me of so much stress that I was holding in my body.

Mucho Thanks!!! I'm Happy you're Happy Susan :D I personally love & use it too! ~SA~

I love being your client!!!!!!!!

Blew me away!

Listened to it last night and it blew me away! Incredible!

Ancestors meditation

Love love this!!!

Powerful & Warm. Lovely!

That was sooooo lovely :-)) "Old Oak" is so warm & friendly. I felt/saw nice Ancient Spirit male presence around me. The Energies are really awesome! Powerful & warm, it was easy to feel the tree and root energy beneath. I hadn't thought of the Energies coming up to me as well. It's very healing unlike the other grounding meditations I've tried. Special! I'm looking forward to revisiting the Spirit Meditation, too, taking this pair, setting things in motion for myself, getting back on track.