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Peruvian Pyrite Happy Skull Full of Buoyant & Protective Energies!!

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

~ Peruvian Pyrite Happy Skull ~ 

Highly Polished with Sparkly Cavities.  Buoyant & Uplifting, Protective & Connected with ArchAngels Michael, Metatron & Uriel!! 

Crystal Skulls Have Been Revered By Many Cultures since Ancient Times, Including Tibetan Buddhists.  They are Often Associated with High Level Spirituality, Wisdom, Spirit Connections & More.  A Big Time Crystal Skull Dealer Personally Shared a Story of How a Buddhist Monk Devotedly Lugged a Very Heavy, Very Old Crystal Skull with Him Over The Snowy Mountains as He Fled Chinese Invasion to Freedom!  It Was Considered THAT Important to Him & His Brethren.  Eventually, That Particular Skull was Entrusted to The Person I was Talking with So It Could Be Shared with Others to Fulfill a Bigger Purpose of Shedding Pure Light Energies into The World.

As Far As Pyrite, Spirit Has Specifically Had Me Personally Use Various Pyrite Pieces for Protection on All Levels, Especially this Fall, & Guided Me to Specifically Find This Piece for A Lucky Client :D  I Have a Pyrite Skull Similar to This One in My Truck, a Much More Refined Example of One in My House & More.

~ $55 ~  This is A Great Piece.... I Feel Much Better When Holding!!

As Always, Comes with Unique Intuitive Reading Just for You & Your New Crystal.


 Pyrite Happy Skull with Celebratory, Buoyant, Protective Energies @

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