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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on

Hi There!  Welcome / Welcome Back to Freshened Up Spiritual Nuggets :D

Spirit has had me stay particularly quiet since last posting in October 2019.... I had no idea that "breather" would develop into darn near a whole year!
Quick reminder.... I only post what & when Spirit guides me to so each post is worthy & timely.  (Thanks, Spirit!)
I hope all of y'all benefit from the posts to come, as well as, the Nuggets already published....

Guidance & Important Messages Can Come from Anywhere.... Including The Posts Here!  Try This....

Spirit invites everyone to poke around & find post(s,) regardless of when published, that are timely for you....  Any post, title or picture that "jumps out at you" may hold unexpected meaning.... Then words, phrases, topics, something may "highlight" themselves for you so to speak bringing messages, context, indications of something, somehow for you.  Some of my most life important messages emerged from the tiniest clues.... I've learned to pay attention & be The Detective for My Own Highest Good!


Tap into your own Intuition & Highest Light Guidance now (and always, I say!) for key things to be revealed for you.  What a great Flow to Live In.... Glimpsing & Flowing With these Divine Workings of Life brings a Magical Quality, I've found, along with much more Peace, Balance, Harmony, Confidence, Sense of Unshakable Support (even though it may be "Unseen" Support) & more.  If you notice a theme emerging for yourself, pay attention to that, too.  Spirit is helping you stay on track with living your best life ever, via all of this, if you choose it. 
Be Open to The Pure Light Help & Receiving It (yep, some resist it unconsciously!)
Guidance can come in a MULTITUDE of ways as you walk through your daily life.  The more you pick up on the clues & indications, the more solid your Spiritual Connections become, the MORE MAGICAL life becomes....  Even in seemingly "mundane" moments, which I don't know that any of them really are....!
Spirit Invites You to Enjoy a Personal Hunt for Your Clues 🔎 which They've Embedded within Each Post Here, Apparantly!
Harmonious with This Post & Helpful:  MEDITATION, Actively Using & Growing Your Intuition, Anything That Grounds / Centers / Connects You with Your Own Intuition, "Quietness" & Listening to Spirit Guidance, GOING with HIGHER LIFE FLOW & FLOWING with GUIDANCE, ArchAngel Metatron (He's Bad A## Pure Light Help for Focus, Staying On Track & More!), ArchAngel Raziel for Woo Hoo Wisdom & Perspective, High Vibe Quartz Crystal for Extra Clarity (such as Himalayan), KEEPING an OPEN MIND

✨ Life Can Be So Magical, Yep!  Let It Work That Way for You!! ✨

This is Fun Stuff, Y'All....
LetMe Know How Your Hunt Goes!
Thanks for Being a Part of Spiritual Nuggets. ~SA~
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Thanks so much, Dianne!
talk and energy work
I look forward to it! It was my pleasure and thank you very much SA
bought stress less for myself
Thanks so much, Pat!! Big Hugs ~SA~
Pathway to Healing...TWICE
So appreciative of your comments, time & enjoy having you as a Client! Big Thanks, again, Anna!! ~SA~
Spot on
Thanks so much, Bev, I truly appreciate it & also appreciate you leaving comments to help others!