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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
Hi Y'all!  Here's a very timely post regarding "Double 5 Energies" starting to eek their way in which may be important, intense, yet ultimately helpful in our lives moving forward!!  So, read on.....
I was reminded last night that we're fast approaching May which is a 5 month in a 5 year (hence Double 5 Energies,) with some extra "Wow" punch probably coming with it.  Here we go..... So, remember my messages about 2021 & its 5 year Energies?  (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5, click that link to refresh your memory, plus Spirit had me add a little commentary on that after it posted.)  Again, I'm not a numerologist yet numerology involves the Energies of The Numbers..... And I do have plenty of experience with Energies.  I've tended to personally receive lots of Intuitive / Divine Messages via numbers & have observed these things for several decades.  The other thing that was brought to my attention is that the Double 5's final number Energies are 1 Energies (5 + 5 = 10 = 1) often including "Fresh Starts," "Beginnings," "New Movement & Evolvement," "Creation / Manifestation," etc.  Put all that together & we have double oomph of Change, Transitions, Unexpected Opportunities, etc. headed our way potentially.
I was contemplating all of this for myself early this morning at the barn (I tend to get good messages while there!) & multiple things came to me with a sense of urgency to share them with y'all.  I also experienced a sudden wind from The East with The Bright Moon suddenly covered with clouds indicating "Fresh Energies Energies Sweeping In" & "Things Covered Up that Should Be Illuminated" .....this also makes sense given this is a Scorpio Full Moon right now which relates in part to "The Very Deep" "Hidden."  That sort of idea immediately came to mind.  I'm betting on some things getting uncovered with these new, doubled down energies, not just for me but y'all, as well..... And that things may happen to postively "Move Us Along!"
FIRSTLY, I was guided to stop,  breathe in & out, 5 times, with the simple Intention of "Good In, Bad Out" with each breath.  That's something I use often if things get intense.  The idea is to consciously bring in Pure Love & Pure Light / Your Own Highest Good & The Creation of Your Truest Heart's Desires on the in breath & to Release All the Lower Vibe, Unhelpful Energies & All That No Longer Serves You Well on the out breath.  Consciously doing it 5 times, puts it in sync with the current 5 Energies prevailing now.  I stopped, closed my eyes & did this with presence & conscious intent..... I immediately felt centered & in better energies.  Then it came to me to do this again & to end it with the question of "What do I most need to know now?"  I immediately heard a brief, single sentence message along with clearly being given a mental image of the number 1, which seemed to indicate May 1st & applying my message particularly starting then & mindfully for the whole month.  I tested this 2 step process several times, knowing I was going to share it, and it was exactly the same for me each time.  SECONDLY, I heard 3 words, in a particular order that immediately stuck in my mind..... Stable, Serene, Sublime.  STABLE being reminder to do what works to keep me as stable & grounded as possible, regardless of what's going on around me.  For me, that often includes time outside with nature & animals, other habits of Meditation / Yoga /Tai Chi Chuh & sticking to my little daily schedule / habits I'm already accustomed to as much as I can & without cutting any corners I don't have to.  That tends to be Grounding & more for me.  SERENE being reminder to "wear the world loosely" as the saying goes & to do my best to not be caught up in Energies flying around that do not help me.  SUBLIME being reminder that all will work out Divinely Sublimely, if I let it & roll with it the best that I can!  I'm going to use the words in that order as an additional "Touch Stone," repeating to myself as needed with Intention to FEEL IT.  THIRDLY, I kept flashing on the Nordic Rune Hagalaz (Hail is one interpretation) which tends to represent destructive natural forces that can't be controlled.....  Although I have found those energies to be pretty tough at times, don't let that bum you out too much!  It tends to herald the end of something difficult that may require those type of catalytic Energies to make a timely shift, that may even be desperately needed..... So, the message there would be to bear through any of that possibly coming up "as lightly as possible" for yourself, taking good care of yourself & allowing what needs to happen without getting "too wound up in it."  LASTLY, I heard the reference "Double Time," regarding the Double 5's, indicating things may go quickly / feel sped up even more / march on without delay!
Something else I've done recently when life intensified for me & it almost felt as if I wouldn't be able to keep up, was to leave out a note that I would see before making my coffee each morning to ask Spirit to "Help Me Optimize & Seize My Day to The Best of My Abilities & Optimal Opportunities!" .....I think that's part of what they (Spirit) were doing for / with me by pushing me along on deadline, preparing me for even bigger things coming & I wanted to be in sync with that.  I'm now extra glad I hung in there as May feels like IT MATTERS & I don't want to miss out!!
Let's see!!  So far this year & with greater velocity as the year has progressed, I've personally experienced some "gotta do this now, "oh, gotta do this new thing now," "oh, need to do this other new thing, whew" feeling my feet to the fire with some sort of accomplishments & certain timing for myself..... I've pulled some all nighters, felt really pushed by Spirit, so I initially took all this in with a raised eyebrow thinking a bit jokingly, "how much more can I do & keep doing with such intensity?!"  I just know my experience is that things can be extremely well orchestrated Divinely, so I Intend / Make Sure I am "Grounded, Divinely Connected, Listening, Being Aware & Acting, Flowing" as best I can.  Whew!!
I also think, just as it is with the end of each year's Energies starting to morph into the next year's Energies, that we are in a "Switching Time" Spirit just channeled to me, specifically.  So, I'm choosing to be aware of these Energies / Inherent Opportunities now, already, even though we're not technically into May yet.  It helps me think about the switch & to get more aware & in sync before it happens, too.
I truly hope this helps!!  Here's another Meditation that has been a daily fave for some years.  Spirit has had me specifically focus on Chakra Healing, Balancing, Clearing, etc. lately which is always a good idea.  It can help you stay Grounded, Present in Good Ways, Stable (that word again!) & generally feeling much more like yourself :D  It's by Rick Batyr, a musician & producer that got into Energy Healing then began channeling original "Music / Sound Energies."  I like & have depended upon a few of his pieces for Meditation, even playing in the background as needed...... About 10 Minutes long (there's that number again!) & quite helpful. 
When / If all else fails in May, keep reminding yourself that this is a "Refresh Month" (the number 1) which could set things up quite well for the remainder of a "Highly Successful Year!!"
Enjoy & Go Forth Fearlessly into May, y'all ;-))
Comments? Questions? Let me know! ~SA~
Recent Client Comment, "Boy were you right about 2021 being about keep up or get left behind!"

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