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Our Animals are Affected Too + Creative Solutions

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
Our Animals are affected by Energy, positively & negatively....
....just as we are!  Whatever is going on with us energetically will often show up in or around our animals, possibly affecting them too.  So consider that as a possible barometer for yourself ;-)
Many of the things that help us energetically often help them, as well.  I've been working with the Special Myrrh Oil that Spirit definitively guided me to uniquely infuse (energetically) & make available in The Shop.  It contains Ancient Healing Vibes & more, plus often helps balance & ground me.  Immediately.  Gotta love an easy fix!  We still need to be aware of & responsible for our own "Energetic Health Maintenance," yet Spirit unequivocally guided me to share this "all encompassing, very high vibe tool" for us to have for happy solutions!  
Today's client experience & comment:  Great Myrrh day!  I put a little on Chez (horse), she just stood there....normally oils make her leave....tonight she is spending her first night outside in 3 weeks! (Horse has been lame.)  She is really wanting to move :) !!!  (Also note client & horse had a recent phone appointment after which the horse's lameness had already improved to a degree.)
~ Call in Archangel Jophiel & The Angels of Illumination if you need creative solutions or "Light in Your Mind!" + Light Spirit Saint Germain for "Creative Work Arounds!" ~ 

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Lifted me up!

I really enjoyed the Pegasus Medi!! The Medi lifted me up & allowed me to release a lot of worry and hurt all over, especially in my chest. I cried (good tears) and felt more connected to my spirit help. It was lovely....this was my 1st time using it. (It was especially heartfelt for me because I imagined my childhood on the back of my horse, having that connection & physical perspective.)


My very favorite meditation now. I love it!!

Appreciate the feedback!! I love & use this one too ⚡⚡
So Pleased!!

Thank you for all of yesterday, a truly humbling experience. I feel another large shift taking place and I am so pleased!!!


A wonderful grounding meditation which blew me away and relieved me of so much stress that I was holding in my body.

Mucho Thanks!!! I'm Happy you're Happy Susan :D I personally love & use it too! ~SA~
Ancestors meditation

Love love this!!!