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Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
While we are sandwiched in between catalytic Eclipse Energies & Valentine's Day, Spirit guided me to a message about Heart Wisdom Energies!
Channeled Message >> After becoming quiet, ask yourself these questions for Amazing Insight:  Do I need to stand up for myself or a principle in my life?  Do I need to stay on path or course correct?  Do I need to let something go or let something come?  The answers should come quickly & be succinct.  If you are open, Spirit will lay the path out before you.  Envision Pink Iridescent Energies flowing around & from your Heart Center then radiating out to encompass your entire physical self, energy field & life.  In 2 weeks, note what has happened.  Revisit these questions to refresh or confirm guidance as often as needed.  We (Pure Light Spirit Help) are always here to help.  See requests for our help emitting from your Heart Center then be open to seeing & receiving.
Key Phrases & Energies to Consider: Stay with Smooth Knowing & Keep it Simple, Stay in High Vibrational Energies, Seek Help when the Going Gets Tough  Email Sue Ann for Help :)
Thanks, Y'All! ~SA~

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Lifted me up!

I really enjoyed the Pegasus Medi!! The Medi lifted me up & allowed me to release a lot of worry and hurt all over, especially in my chest. I cried (good tears) and felt more connected to my spirit help. It was lovely....this was my 1st time using it. (It was especially heartfelt for me because I imagined my childhood on the back of my horse, having that connection & physical perspective.)


My very favorite meditation now. I love it!!

Appreciate the feedback!! I love & use this one too ⚡⚡
So Pleased!!

Thank you for all of yesterday, a truly humbling experience. I feel another large shift taking place and I am so pleased!!!


A wonderful grounding meditation which blew me away and relieved me of so much stress that I was holding in my body.

Mucho Thanks!!! I'm Happy you're Happy Susan :D I personally love & use it too! ~SA~
Ancestors meditation

Love love this!!!