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April / May 2003 ☆ Sunny & I Earn Top Ten Honor at Big Western National Finals! ☆ Joyfully Fulfilling a Purpose, Strong Partnership & More!!

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
April / May 2003 ☆ Sunny & I Earn Top Ten Honor plus More at The 2002 Western National Finals in Ogden, Utah! Woo Hoo!! ☆ Joyfully Fulfilling a Purpose for Each Other & More!

The first year of my Cutting Horse Career, I put in plenty of time & daily effort, glad to finally be doing it, wanting to do well & wanting to do well / right by my horse, whom I respected greatly.  Before I even realized it at all, Sunny & I had qualified for not 1 but 4 (!) different classes at the year's East / West Finals..... which was a pretty big deal & maybe even a bigger deal since I was just starting out.  So, in April / May of 2003, we were in Ogden, Utah for The 2002 Western National Finals!  We made it to 3 out of 4 finals, picked up some checks & more, having our biggest accomplishment in the most competitive class of those 4 classes, the $50M Amateur.  We made it to the Top Ten in that finals..... with a nice check & a really worthy buckle that meant something!!  This video shows our 1st Go & Finals Runs, both..... In spite of the things that didn't go perfectly in these runs, we remained steady together, focused together, made the best of it together & that mattered!!  For those that don't know cutting, Sunny did some pretty grand stuff!!!!  When that last cow ran straight to the judges stand, which is pretty darn far away, it can be hard for a horse to "stay hooked" & doing his/her job..... even a good cutting horse might quit working the cow when they should stay in position, doing the job.  You'll see Sunny do a stunning (really!) job of "staying hooked" even though the cow "is not playing nice" & even come back around with the cow at the very end, earning us some credit we lost other ways.  You can hear shouts of admiration from those understanding what it took for Sunny to do that!  Love & Appreciation!! 

The Intuitive / Healing Energy Back Story ☆ Sunny just particularly LOVED being at this big show!!  He knew the importance, that it was (again!) a big purpose to fill for me.  It excited him to be at "important" shows in "big, fancy arenas" with "important outcomes....." he just relayed to me Intuitively now (from The Other Side, so glad he hangs around me in Spirit!)  He always tried really hard at shows for us, regardless, yet always seemed "to know & excel" even more when the chips were really down, so to speak!  Special Boy!!  I made a rough cut in the finals, 2 of the cows were not what you want, but we made it!  Watching the video back just now, I could see / sense Sunny was even more on point than usual..... And heard Intuitively 3 times, "I'm really ready to win, ready to win..... ready to win....." reading his mind from that moment in time..... Sunny loved that there was a crowd there that he got to "strut his stuff" for, including the other horses, yep!!  He KNEW he was good, wanted to be his best self & to "GET HIS JOB DONE!!"  (Gotta love it!!)  We hauled around so much around that time period that a certain group of people knew him, respected him & expected us to do well when we showed up at our regular shows.

He "wanted to live up to expectations," (at this show) but more than anything (he's channeling to me right now!) "he wanted ME to be PROUD of US TOGETHER!"  That sense of Partnership was / is golden!!  It was a great example for me to be aware of in the cutting purview BUT also transcends into the rest of life..... as great example of what it can actually be like when things, people are in some sort of sympatico, WANTING to pull in the same direction, helping each other.  Someone said to me once right after a successful run that year, "You know, y'all have the EXACT same expression on your faces in the show pen..... It's cool!!"  I loved the feedback & it made complete sense to me.....

I had quickly developed a clear intent of "One Mind, One Focus, One Heart, One Body, One Energy" for Sunny & I while working or competing, specifically doing Energy Work with us as individuals then in SYNERGY TOGETHER to help maximize this & what we had opportunity to accomplish.  I'd even just repeat that in my mind before & during works & showing Sunny, in moments I could spare that bit of focus.  This was not an overriding thing, against his will, etc..... you can't make an animal / human into a partner that doesn't want to or isn't ready, etc. nor can you make an animal / human "be well" or "be happy"  that doesn't want to be.  Sometimes there's a bigger picture at play we don't know about on this level of existence & it may just not be meant to be.  In this case, Sunny & I were meant to BE. I had followed my Intuition as well as I could to make that happen in the "most best" timing for us & OUR TIME then unfolded quite well (after a very long period of patience!)  At this particular show, I stayed actively "connected" with Sunny & did lots of Energy Work, Communication to stay particularly "in tune" while there.  Sunny "just knew" a lot of things, generally, without me telling him, we were in sync that way, but for the time that I had him here on Earth, I did try to be aware of specifically telling him where we were going / what we were doing & any pertinent "why's" when I loaded him into the trailer, etc.  Keep that sort of concept in mind with your own animals!!

Oh..... Sunny's just now channeling something to me.....

"I appreciated that more than you know!  (All the Communication)  Tell the other pet people to treat their animals as if they're capable of understanding these things.  Don't try to 'shield' them unnecessarily either..... If they're going to the vet, tell them!  And then tell them why & that you'll be there WITH them & so on..... 'Shielding' them from things won't work, they'll figure it out anyway & be mad you didn't trust them enough to shoot straight..... I ALWAYS appreciated your (mine, as in Sue Ann's) CANDOR..... it made me feel SECURE that you would not lie to me or try to trick me..... that's REAL SECURITY in many ways.  How you carried yourself gave me confidence enough that I could trust you.....  The things you didn't 'get right' (he just read my mind in that moment regarding something I regretted) were not meant to harm me or do me wrong & I KNEW you ALWAYS TRIED HARD to DO IT RIGHT....."  (Thank You, Sunny!! ~SA~)

 More from Me..... Remember to communicate with your animals in important ways!  As well as LISTEN!  And remember it's not a "push thing" but a "let it be if it's meant to be & everyone does their part thing."  Sometimes it's way more about listening & letting your animal (or person!) know YOU HEARD..... even if you don't think you know how.  (Everyone is at least a little bit Intuitive, if not quite a bit Intuitive.  It's one of our Divinely Given Senses.)  You can even carry it (The Partnership) a bit when that's appropriate, but you can't FORCE or patently EXPECT IT..... IF SO, THEN THAT'S A COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT ENERGY & YOU CAN FEEL IT.  IT FLAT OUT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD.  There were definitely times Sunny carried me more..... After our "honeymoon" period working together, I clearly understood he was asking me to step up & catch up more.  He was right, the timing was appropriate & I knew it.  He wasn't super polite about it, be he was not disrespectful, at all.  Taurus that he was.  But I wanted to do so well at this so badly.  I did the absolute best that I could & told him I would, each time before starting.  At just the right point, I realized he REALLY wanted me to be gutsy WITH him & that if I would be, he would step up even more & take care of us.  And take care of us, he did!!  There came times I knew he needed more help physically, as an athlete with age on him & I did MY darndest then to do what I could with extreme amounts of Healing Energy Work, just the right Intuitively selected supplements..... He didn't want to stop showing.  So, we carried each other, differently at different times, in the ways we each could to meet at our sweet spot in the middle of our ongoing partnership.  

 And lastly..... don't count yourself out!!  I didn't think our finals run was quite good enough, put Sunny up, left the arena then heard announcer repeatedly calling for us.....

 Surprise..... We Made It into The Top Ten!!!!!

(So Sorry You're Not in The Picture Sunny, You Absolutely Earned It!!!!!)

Click Sunny for His Channeled Messages from The Other Side plus More on Sunny & a Tribute to Him!  Click Spiritual Nuggets Podcast Episode No. 2 Real Deal Love Never Dies!! for The Story of Sunny's Passing, Our Experience of It Together & Much More!!
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Thank You & Love You Always!!!!!  See Ya Soon, Sunny..... ~SA~

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