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February 2, 2000 ☆ Sunny Wins Open Cutting at Iconic Rodeo ☆ Healing Energy, Trust Intuition, Wanting to Help, Be There for Each Other, Divine Synchronicities & More!!

Posted by Sue Ann Smith on
February 2, 2000 ☆ Sunny Wins the Open Cutting Horse Finals @ The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo! ☆ Healing Energy, Trust Intuition, Wanting to Help, Be There for Each Other, Divine Synchronicities & More!!
Beloved Horse Sunny Won the Open Finals of The 2000 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo with Trainer Bobby Norris who had an initial hand in me finding / getting Sunny & did a bang up job showing him, despite not feeling so well & having not great cattle to work.  After a "Divine Timing Delay," Sunny launched my own NCHA Cutting Horse Career in March 2002.
The Intuitive / Healing Energy Back Story ☆ Driving to Ft. Worth, I realized something "bad" was going on with Sunny, yikes!  I did Energy Work with him while driving (Yep, I do that sometimes!) feeling a headache for him & more.  (Helpful Side Bar:  I'm not much for multi-tasking, yet there are times when it's been necessary & Spirit made SURE I was safe, up to the task at hand.  Generally I'm an Intuitive & Aware driver, having avoided many a crazy, last second weaving or head on veering vehicle with little or no room for error..... and with horse trailer in tow, multiple times..... yet escaped incident.  It's actually a bit stunning how many times I've avoided these sorts of things.  I've often just "felt" it slightly ahead of time when a vehicle was approaching & learned to pay attention!!  Thank You Spirit Help & Intuition!!!!!  Learn to "feel" these things, y'all & to call in ArchAngel Michael, etc. every time you get in your or someone else's vehicle.)   So..... upon arriving, I asked Bobby, who seemed subdued for some reason, what was going on & he said he had a monster headache..... I said, "Yeah..... and you're giving it to my horse!!  Let me work on you both, just sit there (on him)....."  Sunny understood, Intuitively, what was at stake & was trying to help by "taking on some of the yuk!"  I quietly performed Energy Work on them amidst all the lopers & public hub bub, grateful Bobby was amenable.  About that time, a random nice gal quizzically approached, asking what horse this was.  She worked for the well known ranch that had bred Sunny, thought she recognized something in him & went on tell us how Sunny's dam / mother had been a most treasured brood mare, that she thought Sunny was her last foal, imparting an extra "Specialness" upon him.....  I would never had known that without all the Divine Synchronicities & Timing.  I think it was a BIG SIGN..... Not just for the Finals Night, but for what was to come for Sunny & I, for the immeasurable layers of Gifts it brought to me & my life.
Sunny & Bobby went in to win hands down that night & with grit, style, loud cheers of appreciation from the crowd.  Someone then offered $30,000 for Sunny, much more than I had paid for him.  He wasn't for sale at any price, we had a Destiny.  One of the take aways..... learn when & how to trust your Intuition when something "doesn't seem right," even with your animals.  I had a funky, sorta hyper "gotta get there" feeling (driving there) along with the super naggy feeling "something wasn't quite right!!"  That obviously ended up being right on target.  Bobby was being a real trooper & wouldn't have said anything had I not asked.  Plus, I "knew," I sensed, we had a real purpose & opportunity that night & that I needed to be on point, had real work to do without delay to do my part of the bigger picture, even though I wasn't riding myself.
Ticket Stub from Winning Night with Horse Sunny! Blog Post @
The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (or "Fat Stock Show" as we called it growing up) is an historic (since 1896) & iconic event that can be hard to get tickets to..... when I sensed even before the 1st Go, suddenly, that I should get tickets for finals night way ahead of time..... Bobby laughed & said something about me being a little too confident..... I said "No.... I Intuitively know we're making it to the finals & that I have to get tickets right now before they're gone!" .....and they almost were.  I asked the lady while ordering on the phone (we did that in those days!) how many tickets were left & she said less than 80 ;-)  Had I waited at all, I would have had trouble being there to see my own horse compete!  Thank you, Intuition!!  I've learned more & more to consider "my experience" of things, meaning that I might end up in the same sort of place that I'm meant to ~ yet ~ there may be various paths & choices, attentiveness or not, etc. on my part that may drastically affect what my experience of it is along the way, for effecting the "just ok" / better / "most best" version for myself.  I've learned to pay attention to that for myself, as well as, my animals!!   In this instance, Sunny WANTED me to be there, "helping him win" by contributing showing up, Grounding & Balancing the Energies.  Even if there had not been funky energies at play, Sunny knew we were MEANT to be partners, even then, wanted us "working together!"  That THAT was HIS PURPOSE..... He was Astrological Sign Taurus & could be quite Focused, On Point, Intense.  I so appreciated him & his Sense of Purpose for Me, Us!!
Sunny was so Happy & Proud!  I saw it all over his face then & see it in the video now.  He loved the cheers, getting to excel at being himself!! 
Click Sunny for His Channeled Messages from The Other Side plus More on Sunny & a Tribute to Him!  Click Spiritual Nuggets Podcast Episode No. 2 Real Deal Love Never Dies!! for The Story of Sunny's Passing, Our Experience of It Together & Much More!!
Beloved Sunny / Sunnys Pinoakio Papers.  Blog Post @
Sunny / Sunnys Pinoakio
$30K+ NCHA Career Earnings ☆ May 5, 1990 - August 18, 2010
Thank You & Love You Always!!!!!  See Ya Soon, Sunny..... ~SA~
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